Monday, April 9, 2018

Glasses, Golf and Cooking - A Good Weekend

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Even though I worked on Saturday and didn't do much of anything on Sunday, mine was pleasant. Even though I had that massive auto expense on Wednesday, I desperately need my mid-range glasses. Remembering that eyeglasses are an HSA expense instead of one more thing to be put on my overloaded credit card, I spent a while on Sunday getting an order submitted to re-lens one of my favorite custom frames for that mid-range focal length. Since these are only single view, not bifocal, they ended up costing less than $70. I'll be printing out the mailing label and sending my frames off to them today. 

I've used LensesRx in the past and was pleased with
the results. I still have one more set of eyeglasses
I want done, but those can wait for a little bit. 

I am sometimes asked which firm(s) I use for my re-lens jobs. Although there are two I use, I most frequently end up using I've found their quality dependable and their turn-around time isn't massive. There are other re-lens options out there which have a turnaround of 30 days. That seems extensive to me. As I recall, LensesRx has an average turnaround of approx two weeks. We'll all have a chance to find out since I'm sure I'll post when my computer glasses arrive. 

Augusta is a beautiful golf course with lots of green, tall
pine trees, and flowers everywhere. It's a very challenging
course - very few flats, lots of water, and some wicked
pin placements for the tournaments. It's always a fun
tournament to watch. 

DH and I spent most of Sunday watching "The Masters" golf tournament, which was really, really excellent and fought down to the final hole. For me, springtime actually starts with The Masters. More often than not, I'm looking through my windows onto an ocean of white snow everywhere I look, but the Masters course at Augusta, Georgia, is filled with lots of green grass and flowers - everywhere there are flowers. It did seem colder at Augusta this year - the golfers were wearing long sleeves throughout the four days and it rained for part of Day 3 - but the green grass was fantastic. Looking at Augusta always gives me hope that Spring will come to the Frozen Northlands. 

I have an old slow cooker, couldn't even
find a photo of one as old as mine. But
it works great and the interior is in good
shape, so it's useable. 

Do any of you cook with a slow cooker? I own one - I think it's almost a kitchen staple in kitchens throughout the USA. I haven't cooked with mine for years, but love cooking with it when I can. My issue isn't using the slow cooker, it's that most of the recipes for it are 8-hour recipes. I am usually away from my house for more than 12 hours at a stretch, and if I have to have everything ready to go before I leave for the gym, push that back another 2-1/2 hours. Of course I could use an automatic timer to turn the appliance on and off, but my food would be sitting away from refrigeration on either side for too long. 

It I end up using the slow cooker a lot, I may
break down and buy an oval one. Then I could
do a full chicken. Rock on! 

What makes me think of slow cookers? DH and I took some time out of our day yesterday to visit our local Barnes & Noble Bookstore and he bought me a lovely cookbook for my slow cooker. I can't use it now, but I'm retiring within a year or so and I'll have the chance to use it then. Now it's sitting next to me, a forest of post-in notes sticking out from the top, flagging recipes I want to try. Yummy! 

So, have a great Monday. We had snow yesterday afternoon and through the night, but I don't think we got more than 1-2 inches, so I'm making tracks in my driveway! Horrors! I'll be back tomorrow, enjoy your day! 

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