Saturday, March 10, 2018

Zac Posen Runway Wear - SPOILERS

When I left you yesterday, the designers were ready to take their creations to the Runway and I had run through the judges with you. Seven designers were left - who will be going home and what did they design from those fabulous fabrics that Zac Posen provided for them? 

Remember, the challenge was for each designer to use their "unique" technique and design a gown for Red Carpet wear. After the gowns walked the Runway, Helen was declared safe and scurried off to the Green Room. The six guys were on the hot seat. Here are their designs, in alphabetical order of the designers. 

Anthony 's technique was sculpture. The soft colored
stiff fabric really lent itself well to his technique. 

Anthony ended up with this lovely blue fabric. Isaac adored the color and Georgiana called the design "easy and light". Zac was all smiles, telling Anthony that he nailed the challenge and Rosie called the design "fantastic". I actually liked this one - it worked really well to showcase the model's body while providing enough structure to avoid falling tops or drooping back fins. He did a great job with his sculpting. 

Edmond's technique was ruffles. This rose gone
bad disaster was a really bad choice. 

Edmond wanted to use ruffles as his unique technique, and started building a rose. But the damned thing kept growing and growing until it looked rather cancerous. When all attention is on the stupid flower instead of the person wearing the dress, it's not a success in my book. Apparently the judges agreed with me. Georgiana didn't like the contrast between the rose and the brocade and Isaac called it "inexpensive" - the kiss of death from Isaac Mizrahi. Alyssa compared the rose to a throw pillow and Rosie just said that she hated the dress. Ouch! 

Fabio's technique was pleating. His deceptively
simple dress really made a Runway statement. 

Fabio chose this dusky colored flowing fabric, then pleated the structure into it so that the front hugged the model and the back hung freely in a deep V. It was gorgeous as it moved down the Runway, and it was distinctively his own stylistic stamp. Zac loved the dress and told Fabio that the fabric had originally been used for actress Amy Schumer for a major awards event. Isaac said the dress "nods to the future" of design, Georgina loved the back and Alyssa recognized the dress as Fabio's immediately as it walked down the Runway. 

Joshua wanted to use pintucking as his technique,
and he actually did a beautiful job of it. The
dress design, however, left a lot to be desired. 

Joshua pintucked the bodice of his dress and it was beautifully done - really even and tightly tucked. My problem with it was't the technique, it was the design. It just did't fit well. Of course, he hadn't had anything ready for his model fitting and was fighting to get everything done on time. It showed. Isaac said that he loved the colors of the dress, but that was it. Zac and Georgina called it trashy and Alyssa said she didn't know if she loved or hated it. 

Ken's design just didn't flow - his fabric was too
stiff and heavy to allow his sculpting technique
to really work well. 

Ken's gown didn't walk the Runway well at all. The side panel was stiff and immobile, looking like an alien afterthought attached at the hip. Alyssa didn't like the side drop at all, Isaac called the deep V bodice a "little messy", Rosie said the dress wasn't Red Carpet, and Zac felt the dress wasn't romantic enough or even completely finished with a poor zipper choice. Ouch - this gown had potential but it should have been done in a different fabric. 

Stanley's technique was tailoring, and with these
skills he should be tailoring men's suits - it was
really gorgeous. Still, the money is in women's

Stanley did a great job with his tailored gown. It moved and flowed down the Runway and was perfectly fitted. The judges were a bit divided. Alyssa loved the simplicity of the design, but Georgina felt it was TOO simple. Rosie pointed out that the dress wouldn't be good for a large variety of clients, but Isaac thought it looked very expensive. Well, it does, but I have to agree with Rosie and Georgiana on this one - it's a bit too simple for this stage of the competition, even though it was beautifully constructed. 

So there you have it. Take a look through the pictures above. Who do you think won and who was sent home? It's fairly easy to choose the top and bottom looks. Anthony, Fabio and Stanley are obviously the top looks, with Joshua, Ken and Edmond in the bottom. Who did you choose? 

The winner this week was Anthony with that beautifully sculptured blue dress. 

The loser was Joshua, and he probably should have been sent home earlier. 

It's winding down now. We're down to five guys and one girl and the shade that's getting thrown in that workshop room is starting to get intense. The claws are out and the teeth are bared. It should be an interesting final six. 

Tomorrow is Daylight Savings Time for the USA (most of it, at any rate). Don't forget to move your clocks ahead by an hour before you go to sleep tonight. I'll be back on Monday, so have a fantastic weekend and enjoy it to the fullest. 

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