Monday, March 12, 2018

Clocks, Taxes and Sports

My Sunday was lazy and quite nice. For a change we didn't have a snowstorm to deal with, and we forged through the "Spring Ahead" clock change of Daylight Savings Time with ease. I think I caught all of the manual-set clocks in the house, including the automatic light timers and the computer room clock which DH likes 1/2 hour ahead so that he doesn't run late when he has to go to work. (It drives me crazy, but I have a clock widget on my computer screen, so I rarely look at the wall clock.) 

Not all of my clocks are auto-set. There are several that
I need to reset by hand. I think I caught all of them. 

Having finally finished reading the ten-book series I was engrossed in, I'm now working back down my TBR list. It's amazingly hard to get into another world when I've been engrossed in one group of characters for several days in a row, but no choices here - the series ended. She has a new book i a different series that was released a week or two ago, so when I get to that part of my TBR list, I'll binge through all of those prior books before grabbing the new one. It'll be a joy. 

Wheelchair curling was a lot of fun to watch. Of course, you have
to enjoy curling first, but I like curling, so no problem! 

I wanted to watch some of the Paralympics. DH had caught some of the skiing events late Saturday night, but I was curious about the curling, so went online and watched the US v Sweden Wheelchair Curling match. It was really good. Because they don't use sweepers, it's all dependent on the throw (which is made by using a specially adapted stick). In many ways it requires a bit more finesse. I enjoyed the match a lot, and we actually won this one. We're not doing too well in the full standings, however. I wish I could have caught the Biathlon, but that event wasn't available on replay. 

Former Navy Seal, Lt Dan Cnossen, won the USA's first
gold medal in the Biathlon earlier last week. The
double amputee was also at the Sochi Paralympics. 

So we're back on a regular schedule now. I guess it's time to start thinking about what I need to pack for my June trip and whether I'll need to bring my entire portable tool kit or just a smaller bag. In my mind, smaller is better. Oh - and I have to make an appointment with my accountant for my personal taxes this week. I'm thinking probably Thursday night, although Wednesday is also a possibility. I'd better get going on that. 

Sometimes it seems that all we do is work to fund the
government. I'm not looking forward to my
personal income tax appointment, even though
it's relatively painless. 

So, life returns to normal and I'm really looking forward to Spring. Hey - we've set the clocks ahead. How about melting all of this snow away and giving us some new leaves? Just sayin' - LOL. Have a great Monday! 

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