Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Thoughts On A Busy Wednesday - Multitasking

It's Wednesday and I'm already falling behind. I blame this on Chickie who is taking the week for a "stay-cation". While she's out gallivanting around the cities and going to see exhibits and movies, I'm working doubly hard. Today will be crazy because I not only have my in-store stuff, but several large mail orders to process at the same time. My silvering hair will probably have a few more streaks in it by the end of today. 

Weeks without any days off require a lot of multitasking. I'm squeezing
my normal tasks into compressed bits and pieces of time. It's
spreading me a bit thin. 

Since I don't have a "day off" this week, I'll miss my weekly chat with Aearwen *sob*. We have a odd friendship, she and I, but it works. We've never met each other face-to-face, but have known each other through Live Journal for years now. Something just clicked with us and we started corresponding via email and texts, and then graduated to phone calls several years ago. Now my weeks seem incomplete without hearing her voice through my phone. I'm sending a *wave* out to her along with a "talk to you next week" assurance. There are some weeks when that simple hour-long conversation keeps me sane - LOL. 

I've always been a multitasker, and do it quite well. I've worked with
people who are incapable of concentrating on more than one thing
at a time, though, and it's super frustrating. Without a doubt, there
are some professions that almost require the ability to multitask. 

Laundry, which is usually a focus on my Wednesdays, is shoveled into odd bits and pieces when I have to work on that day. I was able to two two loads yesterday by starting one load at 4:00 am and the second as I switched that first to the dryer at 6:30 pm. I'm going to try to get to sheets and towels tonight, but part of that load may be split into two days instead. Shoehorning things into bits of time are a necessity when I work six days straight. 

Multitasking isn't bad or good, it just has to be
done sometimes. My hubby is focused - multitasking
is totally outside his box. More women that I know
can successfully multitask than men. Maybe because
we always have a ear out for what the kids might
be up to in those rare quiet times? 

Grocery shopping - I'm going to do my best to do a very quick run this morning between the pool and leaving for work. That's going to set me 30-45 minutes behind schedule, but I need lettuce and a few other things and, unfortunately, can't just snap my fingers and ask the housekeeper or butler to pick some up for me. I am the housekeeper, maid, butler, and general go-to person, like most women I know who live in a household. We're the ones who keep everything running on an even keel. 

Multitasking is a balancing act that sometimes can fall
apart. When balanced well, however, it can be wonderful
to behold. Today's trick will be to keep the momentum
going and not fall flat on my face. 

So, I'll be delighted when Sunday comes and I can have a real day off. For today, enjoy your Wednesday, and if you get a chance, shop at a small, family owned store today. Help the small business economy instead of a big box giant. I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with less on my to-do pile and more in the accomplished and checked off the list pile. Hurrah! 

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