Thursday, November 9, 2017

SECOND Call Out for Solstice Cards

Yesterday actually turned into a very productive day, and I'm hoping that today will follow closely in those footsteps. I'll be grabbing the opportunity to work on my holiday cards. Thus - this is my SECOND CALL-OUT for those of you wanting one of my cards sent to you to brighten your upcoming Solstice season. I got a lot of messages from the first call-out, and have been swamped with stuff so haven't acknowledged each one individually - YET - but be assured, acknowledgement will be forthcoming (I do love that word - forthcoming). 

I would love to send one of my cards to you, but can't
do that without an address. Make sure you send me yours
in a PM or email. Let's get you onto my mailing list! 

So ... If you have a yearning for one of this year's Holiday cards, and you didn't send in your name and address via PM or email, please do so. I'd love to add you to my list. 

I love Tim Gunn. I've watched him age gracefully over many years
of Project Runway. He has a great sense of humor, has probably
seen just about every Runway disaster possible, and just keeps
smiling. Without Tim Gunn there would be no Project Runway. 

That said, tonight is the last but one episode of this season's Project Runway and I can't wait! Today should be the home visits and personal critique by Tim Gunn. It's always interesting to see how much (or how little) has been accomplished by each designer by the time Tim meets the family and shares a meal with them. It's also fascinating to see the spaces where these designers are working - they can range from a small corner in a cramped apartment to a rented studio space, and even a school classroom in one designer's case a season or two ago. 

Speaking of bad fashion (and this was actually
middle of the road between good and REALLY bad),
look at this choice. It looks like a poorly made
dress imported from India that you'd find in a
local flea market. And what's with all of the
transparent clothing lately? What ever
happened to grace and mystery? 

Speaking of fashion, even though I don't watch the CMA (Country Music Awards) show, I did run through almost 100 photos this morning of the various "fashions" worn by singers, songwriters, and significant others. OMG!!! There was some really horrific fashion being worn on the Red Carpet. Country music fashion has always been quite different from mainstream or Hollywood fashion, but there were some real flops last night. I'll try to pull a few pics to share if I get a free minute or two (or four). 

Dustin Lynch is proof that even a guy can really
mess up fashion choices. Shiny 3-piece suit?
Really? This choice was a train running down
a steep track in the rain without a conductor
and with the bridge washed out ahead. Yes ... it
was a total train wreck! 

So here's to Thursday. The week is progressing and so far I haven't collapsed into a sniveling mess of goo. Of course, I still have three days left to work, but I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll survive the week. Enjoy your day, I'll be back tomorrow, and DON'T forget to message me if you haven't already reserved a Solstice card! 

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