Thursday, August 3, 2017

I'm Ready for Smooth Sailing

The big question for today is whether or not I will have a back parking lot at the shop. Take a look at the photo below, snapped by my Assistant Manager as she was leaving the store last night. Instead of one tank, they actually found two. To remove them, they had to cut down two trees that were in the center of the parking lot, but at least the trees around the boundaries will remain. New asphalt will be put down, but probably not for a week or two to allow for settling of the backfill.

Looking out from our back door, there is a chain linked fence where the
white pickup truck is parked. The large shovel is parked over where
one of the two mid-parking lot trees had been growing. The two large
rusted cylinders are the old fuel oil tanks. 

Of course, during all of this mess, we also lost our data lines once again. That meant we had to physically phone in all credit card transactions until the lines were back up and running. Apparently things were fixed just in time to batch out for the day, but what a mess! I'm really happy I wasn't at work. I got a lot of texts and offered guidance, but I was not about to trudge on down there just to be ineffective.

We have two pools at my YMCA, a 25-yard indoor pool, and a 50-meter outdoor one.
During the summer months, both pools are open on the weekdays (weather permitting)
and only the 50-meter is open over the weekends. The rest of the year we use
the smaller 25-yard pool only and it can get very crowded and choppy. 

Yesterday also started out with just a single lifeguard for the pools, so I ended up swimming in the 50 meter pool instead of the smaller 25 yard one. I never mind the larger pool, it's really a great place to swim, but I do use a different routine for the longer length laps. Still, it was really nice to be outside as the lights turned off and the dawn arrived.

I'm looking for smooth sailing ahead. Hopefully, today will be a day
without any major crisis. 

I'm hoping that everything in the shop got resolved yesterday, both inside and outside. It would be nice if things went smoothly from this point onward. I hope all of you have a wonderful Thursday. I'm still so very happy that I had a day off, a chance to chat with Aearwen, and an opportunity to get caught up on lots of things around the house. Yippee!

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