Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Finally - A Day Off!

With the exception of Sunday, I haven't had a day off for two weeks. Today I'm back to a usual schedule and have my regular "day off". I'm deliriously happy. It's not that I'm going to be going crazy, but I don't have to try to pack my usual multiple loads of laundry along with grocery shopping into several weekday nights. I can actually do everything on a single day which frees up my evenings for other things.

Finally a "day off". I'm so happy! 

In addition, I won't be at the shop today so I won't have to deal with our parking lot being completely torn up and redone. Apparently, many years ago, long before I started renting there and I moved there in 1993, there was a business operating in the old building that required a fuel oil storage tank nearby. Over many years it was capped and forgotten, paved over and lurked beneath the parking lot.

Apparently, at one time, our building was heated via fuel oil. Each
of the four stores has independent HVAC now that is gas driven, and
the fuel tank was long ago capped off and forgotten. 

Several years ago we noticed a strong odor of fuel when we got a lot of rain. The landlord did some hunting and research and rediscovered the tank, which is now considered "hazardous waste". Then he began a long and protracted "discussion" with the city about who would remove this old tank, how it would be paid for, etc. It's been more than three years of discussions, but it's finally being excavated and pulled today. The tank will be removed, the hole will be refilled, and the macadam will be replaced.

The parking lot will be blocked off by yellow tape today and no parking
will be allowed while heavy equipment digs up the old fuel oil tank,
refills the gaping hole, and then repaves the parking lot. A lot of
very loud work. 

No cars will be allowed into the parking lot today, something that will affect the veterinarian  and the t-shirt printing shop next door to me far more than it will affect us. The coffeeshop has a front and back door, so they will be fine, but the vet's only entrance opens onto the parking lot, so they can't get customers for the day, and the t-shirt printing place next door to them will have the same issue. My door for the public opens on the street side, so customers can get to me, they just can't park in the lot. But, I suspect that street parking will be quite crowded today.

I'm happy for my day off, and filled with joy that I won't be there
while they are working on the parking lot. Today is a total
win-win for me! 

It's likely that I'll have to skirt the building to get in and open the store this morning. I have to get the computers up etc., and I have to turn off the security alarm when entering my space. The staff will also have to tiptoe their way out along the wall of the building when they shut down and leave tonight. So today will still hold some challenges.

Everything has to be completed today. Starting late tonight, we'll have dropping temperatures and some serious rain for the next 24-36 hours. At least this project got scheduled for a good day - today's weather promises to be perfect! Enjoy your Wednesday, I know that I will enjoy mine!

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