Saturday, July 29, 2017

Monumental Sculpture in Celebration of Post #2600

This is my blog post #2600, so to celebrate I'm going a bit off my usual "daily chat" focus to share some artwork with all of you - in this case, Monumental Art. Monumental Art is usually defined by size - it's big. Is it good art? That's often debatable, but it dominates a landscape or area. So, I've chosen the images below to show to all of you. Hope you enjoy, and have a great weekend.

We'll start with this lovely offering from the UK. Here is Mark Reed's
sculpture "Fork in Pollen". This sculpture is made from resin. For some
reason I find it brings a smile to my face. 

There's a festival called the "Festival of Speed". In 2014
this sculpture was made to honor the long
history of Mercedes - the past on the right, future
on the left.  The sculpture is by Gerry Judah. 

This lovely array of plants was sculpted for the 2013 Montreal Plant
Sculpture exhibition. I really enjoyed the image as well as the plants
chosen, and also appreciated the fact that this was a temporary
installation, as fugitive as the life of the plants that made it up. 

Finally, I found this sculpture -"Legend" by Damien Hirst, to
be a bit disturbing, but I came back to it again and
again. At first I thought it was blood running down the
Pegasus because of a poorly angled photo. This image is
better. Here we can see the sculptor is actually showing the
internal anatomy of the legendary creature. The sculpture
itself is on the estate of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire
in England. 

So, that's my monumental sculpture roundup to celebrate Post #2600 in my blog. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. I'll be in the outdoor pool within the hour. I think I'll bring my flippers along with me today - just for the fun of it. Wheeeee!

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