Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday Monday - So Much Still To Do

One final day of kitty care and my mornings will once more be my own. Today is the last day of July, and summer is streaming by in double-time. August is already packed full and DH and I will be working hard to get everything scheduled completed and the workers finished before winter hits.

I'll be making a lot of calendar notes, post-it notes, and
phone reminders. I have a feeling August will fly by
in a sea of appointments and dates to remember. 

The first price quotation we got for landscape grading and putting in the patio was extremely high - like gulp, turn a bit faint, and swallow hard, high. Although DH and I both like the firm and the work we've seen them do, I went on to Home Advisor and set up a second appointment with a different firm to get another quote and see if pricing from #1 would be similar to pricing from #2.

The first quote almost blew me away. I know we've
been saving for this project for years, but it was
WAY high!!!!

The pricing from quote #2 was more than 1/3 lower. This quote actually itemized the various parts of the project so that we could pick and choose if we wanted, and the time schedules of both firms are in line. I have a couple more things to check, but I think quote #2 is going to get our business. Then it's a matter of scheduling.

Here is a photo of one of their installations. Ours already has
the walls completed, but we need our patio installed and
landscape grading performed. #2 is a smaller company, but
they do all of their own work instead of subcontracting it
out. I like that. 

We need the grading done and the old patio ripped out. They will take the old patio blocks for recycling, then they'll put in a "Class 5 gravel base" underneath where we will put the new shed as well as under the patio. After the base is laid, they'll install the patio pavers.

The Anchor Guy needs to be reinstalled or moved. Whatever
the decision, it's going to be buried 18"-24" deep when we
regrade the backyard for drainage and against erosion. 

Today I'll be phoning our utility company and trying to get an appointment set up for someone to come out and look at their anchoring guy lines. They moved the lines about 20 years ago when the creek next to us was being regraded by the county. We would like them to move the anchors again, or move the buckle up because it's going to be buried almost two feet higher when we regrade the area. Getting the utility company to see things our way may well be the most difficult part of the project.

Monday - the beginning of a new week. I really need
today. a Monday sounds absolutely PERFECT to me today. 

Have a wonderful last day of July. My friend Shirebound, her mother and her delightful dog are moving from San Diego, California all the way across the country to New Jersey early this week. It's a grand adventure designed to bring her family closer together and take better care of her mom. It's always scary to start new things, even if they are the right things to do and it will be a long, but beautiful, drive. You're all in my thoughts this week. Happy Monday!

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