Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Le Tour, Movies and Music

I'm not much for flatter stages in Le Tour. I love the mountains and the challenges they present to all of the riders. Today we're ending in the Pyrenees, at Pau - long heralded in cycling legend. Yesterday's rather boring stage will finally come back to the tricky narrow turns of the Pyrenees along with their crazed crowds. It's a challenge that's hard to resist. We have three days ahead of us that are days worth watching on my list - Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Today is the build-up to some stellar days.

It's not an exciting profile - today's stage. But look at the altitude - it's
getting higher throughout the day with a nice downhill finish. Add that
the finish is in Pau and the stage itself more than 200 km long and
we'll have a nice day on the bikes todayl 

Congrats go out to Marcel Kittle for yesterday's sprint win. That makes four stage wins on this year's Tour already and I'm sure he'll get more if he can get through the mountain peaks. I think if he can get to Paris, he's a shoo-in for the final sprint, but there may be another 1-2 possible wins in the days still to come between now and then.

Despicable Me 3 revolves around two themes - a villain (of course),
and Gru's family history. It turns out that Gru was one of a
set of twins! 

Chickie and I went to see "Despicable Me 3" in the cinema last night. We laughed for 90 minutes and left the theatre thoroughly happy that we took a night to see it on the big screen. Although it hasn't received stellar reviews, I thought it was very fun and enjoyed the various plot twists. I also have to admit that I loved Agnes' 'unicorn'. "It's fluffy!" It was a thoroughly entertaining movie and I look forward to adding it to my DVD collection.

I love my Underwater Audio iPod shuffle. This time
I ordered it in Hot Pink so I won't mix it up with my
current Aqua Blue or the Lime Green of my land iPod. 

This morning I had to break down and order a new Underwater Audio waterproof iPod shuffle. I use my current one daily but it hasn't been holding a charge. Yesterday I had to swim without tunes and, for me, exercise is harder without music as background. I charged my iPod overnight last night in a last-ditch effort to keep it charged, but decided I really don't want another day of silence in the water like yesterday. So I broke down and ordered a new one which I should have within a week. That will give me a backup and I'll feel better. I put having my music at the same level as having a spare swimming cap and a spare swimsuit - essential!

So have a great day. I'll be a bit zombie-like today - going to the movie always cuts into my sleep time and the thunderstorm we had in the wee hours of the morning also didn't help my sleep. Maybe I'll get lucky and get a nap today sometime - but probably not. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

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