Monday, July 3, 2017

Days Off and Le Tour Continues

I have Monday and Tuesday off to celebrate Independence Day on July 4th here in the USA. I'll be celebrating a couple of work days where I don't have to wake up early. If I happen to wake early I'll go swim, but I won't go out of my way to be up at 4:30 am. I actually did wake up at 4:30 am today, but I was so exhausted after a Sunday of three trips to the compost that I turned over and went back to sleep Today we're going out for breakfast, then heading to the cinema to see "Wonder Woman". I'm sure he'll do some work on the outside, but I'm going to try and take it easy.

Today is rolling hills, a chance for some small King of the Mountains
points. The riders have found their rhythm, but they are settling into
their saddles and starting to adjust to the focus of a Grand Tour. 

I'm watching Le Tour de France, of course, and I had promised my readers the profile maps for each stage. I doubt I'll post tomorrow, so here are profiles for Stage 3 and Stage 4. It looks like the rain may finally have left them behind and there may be dry days ahead. The rain was horrific, causing some serious crashes and the withdrawal of several riders. Taylor Phinney, a Cannondale-Drapac rider from Boulder, Colorado, won the Polkadot jersey on Stage 2. If you have a chance to catch his video interview or blog, he's a hoot and so typical of a Boulder guy. Makes me miss my homeland again - LOL. Anyway, to continue on, Stage Three is pictured above and Stage Four is below.

We're still in the flats on July 4th for Stage 4, but some crosswinds might
give a bit of a challenge. We're not into any real hills yet, but there is a small
Cat 4 climb near the finish line. 

Tomorrow is July 4th, a day of celebration in the USA. Many stores will be open, but I always have considered that to be a bit disrespectful of the nation's birthday. I have always had my store closed for the holiday. There will be cookouts and fireworks and family gatherings. I hope all of you have a great 3rd and 4th of July and I'll be back on Wednesday the 5th.

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