Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Final Day Off Today

Life goes on. I had a wonderful three-day holiday but today I'm back on schedule. Of course, my Wednesday schedule is actually a "day off" - although this one consists of grocery shopping, laundry and housecleaning. But still, it's a day off and I'm going to enjoy it despite the heatwave that finally decided to arrive yesterday.

Wonder Woman totally rocked. Finally we have a woman who knows
what she wants and goes to get it. The horrors of WWI and it's trench
and gas warfare also came through really well. Haven't seen this movie
yet? Go see it. It's riveting and a lot of kick-ass fun. 

DH and I took time on Monday to go to the cinema and see "Wonder Woman". Both of us enjoyed it a lot. Finally something was done well in the DC universe. Of course, the previews for the next Thor movie also looked really good. I think Chickie and I will be going to "Despicable Me" next Tuesday night.

Today's stage of Le Tour de France actually has a Cat 1 mountain for
the finish. La Planche des belles filles is a steep, 5.9 km climb which
has been on the Tour for three times since 2012. Chris Froome should
remember this peak well. 

The rest of my three days off was spent watching Le Tour de France and working with DH on the back yard construction project. He met with the landscapers before the holiday and we should be getting a quotation on the project sometime this week. We cleared the rest of the yard out, took multiple loads to the compost, and cut up a lot of felled trees into logs. It was a lot of hard work, but at least I got some exercise since I didn't swim for several days.

Today we're back to a normal schedule again and I couldn't be happier. Happy Wednesday - I'll be back tomorrow.

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