Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Vacation Indulgence

The first 10 laps when I returned to the pool after a week off were killer, but after that, the pool and I seemed to come to an understanding. I'm hoping today's swim will be a bit easier. Not having a pool available for my daily swim is the major disadvantage of my annual attendance at the Bead & Button Show. There is a fitness center in each of the two hotels I have stayed in, but no. I have tried that in the past, and I'm really not fond of treadmills, stationary bicycles and resistance weight machines. So I didn't get to truly exercise at all while I was out in Milwaukee, and I felt like a total slug despite the walking, (which I did a lot). I was so very happy to get back to the swimming pool yesterday.

My first dinner in Milwaukee was Volcano Chicken at "The King and I"
Thai restaurant. The meal was wonderful. Although I wanted three star
spicy, the waiter recommended two stars. He did bring extra spice for me
just in case, and I sprinkled that on to make it beautifully hot and spicy.
I got enough to have a to-go container for an equally lovely second meal
the next night. 

It was also a pleasure to come home and eat properly once again. A reasonable breakfast and a sensible dinner were so welcome last night. I think food is one of the most difficult things on any trip. I actually had some great food while in Milwaukee, but everything seems higher in calories, and I was sitting all day in workshops so I wasn't working it off.

I ended up with several of these over the six days. This is the Turkey
Havarti sandwich at the Bistro 333 in my hotel. It's always a
winner - light turkey, just the right amount of cheese, and a
slice of pear to bring a touch of sweet to the sandwich. 

But easy come and easy go. I gained six pounds on my trip and as of this morning, I've already lost three of them. Now to focus for the rest of the week and get rid of the rest of the pounds gained. It's not easy, but I consider it essential. I'm hoping that by the time Saturday and the 50-meter pool roll around, I'll be able to keep up in the water once again and my weight will be back to pre-Bead & Button Show levels.

My lunch spot is usually the Miller Time Pub across the street from the
Convention Center in the Hilton Hotel. It's very close to the classrooms,
so very convenient, and I can sit at the bar, get served quickly, and get back
to the classroom with time to spare. It's bar food - neither good nor
bad - but the service is good and the kitchen is usually efficient and fast. 

When you go on a trip do you give yourself permission to indulge a bit more? Do you eat new things or explore new places? What do you do when you return? I unpack, immediately toss my clothing into the laundry and start the load, and often will go out with DH for a nice meal and a report about my trip before settling back into my more placid life. It's going to take "forever" to catch up on posts and emails, though. If you posted something that you don't want me to miss, please make a comment or email me directly. Otherwise, enjoy your Tuesday while I continue to try and catch up on the past week. Happy day to all!

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