Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Short History of Target

Today is my day off. I've only been back at work for two days since my vacation, but the list of things I need to do today is completely ridiculous. Highest on my crazy list is a serious shopping trip to Target. For those of you not familiar with Target, it is a discount store, in essence an upscale Walmart. I remember Target having opened in the Denver area when I was still a schoolchild. There was one store in Glendale near Michelle's Ice Cream Parlor and the four-screen movie theater where I worked while in high school.

The original Glendale, Colorado target has grown and changed over the years. It's
now a "Super Target" and once again they carry groceries - something they had
originally, but then dropped for many years. 

I don't shop Walmart - just don't like them very much. But Target is comfortable and familiar to me and I shop there often. When I moved up to Minnesota, I ended up moving near the location where Target first began. In fact, I sometimes shop at the original store. Of course it's been remodeled since it first opened, but I pass by it every day and it's very convenient.

On the left is the original Target logo, on the right is the current modern
version. As the store grew more recognizable, they dropped several of the
rings. The red color is iconic though, and is on the logo as well as
throughout the stores to this day. 

Today's shopping list isn't massive, but there are a couple of things on that list that I just can't get anywhere else. So I'm adding a Target run onto my normal Wednesday schedule. I'll make the time for the one additional errand work out and still get everything completed by the end of the day.

Here is the original store at Snelling Avenue at Highway 36. The store was
opened in 1962. It still stands and operates on the original location although
the building itself went through a major remodel several years ago. 

So as I get ready to head out to the YMCA, I'm grateful that my weather radar shows severe storms all around us, but nothing in the Cities. Therefore, all of the hoards of swimmers can swim outdoors and I'll continue to build my stamina back up in the indoor pool. Yippee! Have a wonderful and productive Wednesday.

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