Saturday, June 3, 2017

OMG It's Already Saturday!

My clock is ticking. Of course, everyone lives within the stream that is time, but considering that my suitcase(s) are still empty, and I leave early Tuesday morning, I guess I'd better shift into high gear. I did consolidate my class requirements for tools into a single master list, so I have that to work from. Today I'll make sure that all of the items are in my portable tool box. I have to take a quick trip to my local craft store for a few bottles of alcohol inks for one class, but I already own everything else.

I actually don't own any of these which surprised
me. I thought I had every basic crafting supply
that existed. The alcohol inks are actually pretty
fun. They might find their way onto my holiday
cards one of these days. 

It's a ridiculously long list - a variety of hammers, pliers, steel blocks for hammering, a jeweler's saw and blades, and a long variety of other things. It's when I pack that I envy the beaders attending the show. They have it pretty easy - beads, needles, thread, magnification and good task lighting. The minute I switched over to working with metals more than fifteen years ago, my carry-along materials grew exponentially. But there's something about playing with metal and flames that speaks to my soul.

Beading can be jewelry, but also larger pieces like this beaded tapestry. 

To put it into an elvish framework, beaders remind me of elves - practicing a delicate art, creating beauty by attaching small pieces of glass one bead at a time. But those who love working with metal and flame - they are the Noldarin elves. Specifically, they are walking in the footsteps of Feanor. I think about Feanor's forge every time I pick up my hammers or turn on my torch. I work with caustic acids, harsh files and a variety of polishing compounds. It's not a forge - I'm not making weaponry. But the basic structures are the same - that of heating and forming metal into new, functional shapes. So fun!

I would love to try working at a forge one of these days instead of just
working on smaller items. But there's something wonderful about
shaping metal whether it be rod iron or precious metal. 

So as I start to kick myself into high gear, I'm reminding you that Monday's post will be my last one for a week while I go off to pound and cut. Here's hoping you have a truly fabulous weekend. Enjoy!

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