Friday, June 23, 2017

It's Finally Friday!

It's finally Friday and I really need it. It's been a crazy week of dealing with large, impersonal corporations, trying to clarify orders for confused customers, and rain, rain, rain. Those of you in hot desert areas who would love some rain - sorry. People here in the Frozen Northlands are a bit unusual, perhaps they are related to the Wicked Witch of the West and will melt if contacted by water. I'll get regular shoppers who will come out in blizzards, but a few drops of rain and they will stay indoors until the sun is back out. Unfortunately, my sales for the past two days reflects this trend and it's been depressing.

Rain is something that we seem to tolerate here in the Frozen Northlands. We
prefer our water from the sky in the form of snow. Rain just depresses us - we
get the grey skies and the cloying humidity without a lot of payback. At least
the grass was probably happy with yesterday's rain. 

We're forging ahead, though. I sent a letter off to an old friend in the business as I was heading home last night. He runs an art gallery in a different state and we used to belong to the same organization for many years. I'm hoping he might be interested in some of the shop's artwork, and also that he might have some suggestions for other dealers I could contact who might be interested in purchasing. The inventory isn't doing me any good in storage and I would rather see it purchased by an end consumer who will love the artwork and what the artist was trying to portray.

Among many artists whose work I have is Duane Dishta, a well-known
Zuni artist. I have a different piece than this one, but in the same 3-D style.
I've loved and collected his work for many years, but my gallery space really
changed when I closed my Mall of America store. It's time to find other
dealers and venues for the artwork I still have available for sale. 

I also contacted our local utility company regarding those guy wires that we might end up covering with as much as an additional two feet of dirt. I got their answer this morning and it was completely unsatisfactory. (1) They don't move guide wires. (2) They should have an easement of at least 10 feet from the wires. Ummmmm .... NO. We'll just bury the lines. We're not going to be giving them an easement of 10 feet - no way at all.

The level of the guy wire has altered over the years anyway,
through natural erosion and the efforts of the many
trees growing around it. I'm not going to sweat this
one. There is no equipment to worry about, just the wire,
so I'm probably going to ignore the utility company
and get the land graded as we need to. 

So, life goes on here in the great state of mosquitoes and dragonflies. I'll pass the utility company information on to DH and I'm quite sure I'll be hearing him complain about it for weeks ahead. *Sigh*. At least today is the start of three days of wonderful old cars cruising in front of my shop. "Back to the 50's" is once again being held up the street at the State Fairgrounds and I'll have something fun to look at if I have the time. Have a wonderful Friday and stay out of the eye of mega companies and government. Argh!

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