Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Outdoor Pool is Open!

Today is the first day for the 50-meter swimming pool. For the rest of the summer (weather depending) the outdoor pool will be open every day and the indoor will only be open on Monday-Friday. At least the outdoor temp is in the upper 50's today - Thursday's morning temp was in the mid 40's and that would have been a really miserable run out to the water.

No lap swimming in this pool, but I spent hours and hours just playing in
pools like this while I was growing up. I guess I've always enjoyed
swimming pools. 

I've been thinking about my Memorial Day weekend for ages - at least it seems like that. DH and I don't get two days off together often. Sunday seems to be packed - a trip to Home Depot to buy bags of rocks for the castle and maybe some plants, then after unloading the rocks back at the house, we reload Minion with a load of yard waste and take that to the nearby recycling landfill. After that we can relax for a while before firing up the grill for dinner.

No laps in this pool either, but it looks like a fun place to spend some
quality time with the sun and the water. 

Unfortunately it's supposed to be beautiful weather today but raining for the remainder of the weekend. It's going to put a drippy pall on the weekend, but it will still be a joy to have fun over the weekend and have two days away from work. So I'm totally stoked. I'm going to end my month will lots of happy things - good food, my DH for two days, and yes ... the outdoor pool. I'll get my workout figured out while I'm in the water. All is good.

For my friends in the USA, have a wonderful holiday weekend.

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