Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Three More Squares Before Completion

So my "throw" of the Wild Card dice assigned me three stories/items - one from the blue path, one from yellow and one from orange. Orange is something Non-Fiction, and one of the squares is "Personal Essay". I've been wanting to write one, it's been perched in my mind, so I'm going to try and pound that out today and tonight. The blue is artwork, and I'll have to try to make this work in a short amount of time. Again, I know what I want to do, but I'm not sure I'll have the time in which to pull that off. That's second on my plate. My third is the Yellow Path, Fanwork Recommendation. I think I know what I want to do with this one and it will be the fastest, so that may be where I end up starting.

So, I completed the Red  Path, but still have the three Wild Cards to
do. I rolled for their assignments yesterday and have been thinking
about what to post ever since. I think I have it, now I just have to
write it/draw it and post it no later than bedtime on Friday. Eeeek! 

As for my Acts of Kindness, I'm saying I've been doing this one all along. I've really made an effort to comment on everything that was made (with a single exception). I've read everything that has been posted and I've at least left hearts for each one. Usually I've actually commented. I think that's important - people have put a lot of effort into their B2MeM offerings and some of them are really outstanding.

Sometimes pounding on metal is a lot more fun than pounding on a
keyboard. Just look at these lovely metal birds. It makes me want
to grab some sheet copper and my torch and just start shaping. 

So I'm going to try and take today and tomorrow and get these last bits pounded out. Of course, today I'm also working, so I won't get as much done; and my laptop has been going a bit wonky on me (NOT making me happy). I completely lost two stories I had worked on last week due to my having saved them, but they're having never appeared in my saved folder. If this laptop dies, I'll be unhappy, but I won't really mind getting a new one (except that I'll be stuck with Windows 10). I do seem to run through laptops every 2-4 years on an average. They get heavy use. My desktops, on the other hand, last much longer, and the one I have now will have to hang in there for quite a while longer just to allow access to my shop website software. Argh - I have having to stand on the side of built-in obsolescence.

I suppose I too am moving towards my own, personal planned obsolescence. But
that doesn't mean I won't fight it every step of the way. I do  moan about our
throw-away society, though. Such an incredible waste! 

So, as I'm off to the pool, I have story stuff and art stuff flinging across my mind. I think another week of plot developments and story ideas and I might be caught up with all of my different irons in the fire. Have a wonderful Tuesday, and don't forget to wish Shirebound a Happy Birthday. I'm on my way to make a separate post for that right now!

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