Saturday, March 25, 2017

Eat, Dream and Celebrate

It's the weekend, and I'm really pleased about that because I need a day off. I probably should vacuum the house and wash the kitchen floor, but that's not major time, just a couple of hours. There are three new eating places that have opened in our general area over the past few months. Maybe we'll try one of them for tomorrow night's dinner - or maybe not. Although I'm doing well with my weight, keeping stable, DH is fighting a gain and he probably won't be losing again until he continues his outdoor work on the castle this summer. Even though the castle walls are almost complete, there is a lot of landscaping to do, we need to get the shed installed, and the patio needs to be stripped, re-leveled and repaved.

The Tavern Grill opened a month ago and I pass by it every day on my
way home from the YMCA. They even have a Sunday brunch and a
lot of gluten-free offerings. I'm going to see if I can get DH there and if
he likes it, it may be a perfect place to have our friends Matt and Liz
join us for a meal. 

Of course, to build more onto the castle, he'll need the days off which he can have if our sales are up at a level where we can continue to afford to pay Chickie. If our sales are too low, we'll probably have to lay her off for a month or two and that would mess everything up for everyone. I'm hoping for creative people to come through our doors and buy lovely components to make colorful items for Spring. A girl can hope, right?

Daydreams is still being worked on, but I found this lovely photo when
looking for an image and couldn't help but share. I hope you like
it as much as I do. 

B2MeM 2017 will be entering its final week next week. I'm working on story #26 now and it's almost ready to release, so I'm still on track for my full 31 plus Wild Cards and Acts of Kindness. I posted  "Marketplace Rumors" yesterday, another story where I had written a lot of words that I threw out, compressed, and streamlined into bare bones. The story was running away from me and not in a good way, so a firm hand was necessary. I'm currently working on "Daydreams". It should be ready to post later today, just a bit more work and some polishing.

Monday's blog post will be number 2500! I'm
celebrating one post early because it'll be a
short post on Monday. Whee!!! 

So, have a wonderful weekend. Monday will be my 2500th blog post, and I'll be celebrating, although it will be a short post because time will be limited. Still, it's a major milestone, so I'm popping the bubbly a post early.

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