Saturday, January 14, 2017

Cold Weather and Mall of America

Here we are, it's the weekend once again. We're slightly above zero and dry, at least until 6:00 am Monday through noon on Tuesday when our next winter storm blows in. Right now, though, it's 5 F with a slight wind chill, making it feel like -5 F. I can live with that. Meanwhile, I'm going to hope that things calm down by Wednesday because I have a long list of things I need to accomplish on my "day off".

Mall of America is a "local" mall for me. It's about a twenty-thirty minute drive
away from my home. There are other large malls closer to home, but Minnesota
is famous for our weather and this ridiculous mall. 

It's been a cold week, customers have been staying home. Not so good for my bottom line, but I really can't blame them. I suspect the shopping malls are doing well. Most of the time I despise shopping malls, but when the weather sucks, staying indoors while wandering from shop to shop suddenly sounds appealing. I don't like to shop, though, so it's back to the gym, then to work and finally to get dinner at Chipotle and finally home. At least tomorrow I can sleep in.

The center of Mall of America is an amusement park. When I had a store
on the third floor, west wing, the rides were sponsored by Snoopy and the Peanuts
Gang (TM). Now I think it is Nickelodeon-based. All that time that I spent
there - more than three years - the only time I was on any of the rides was
at the Preview Party the night before the Mall opened to the general public. 

One of the things I bought for DH for a holiday gift was a "My Pillow". We have several friends who own this brand of pillow and DH was hoping it would help his neck and allow him to actually have a good night's sleep. Even with their "special" 2-for-1 " offer, they were expensive. DH has been using one ever since and says he really likes it. Guess that was a good holiday gift after all, so I'm happy.

We've been sleeping with our "My Pillow" pillows since Christmas, and I
have to admit, it's pretty good. It holds its shape, is easily adjustable when
needed, it's washable, it has a ten-year guarantee, and yeah - it was worth
the expense. I'm pretty happy with our "My Pillow" pillows. 

Short post today because I am too lazy to look up great photos, and because I'm cold. Well - I guess I'll be cold until May - LOL. Have a great weekend!

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