Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Another Year, Another Book

I buy and read a lot of ebooks, and I'm always looking through reviews within my chosen genre to get ideas of what ebooks I want to read next. To succeed in actually reading each of my ebooks I keep a list by title which I check off as I read them and move along to the next title. I rarely read out of sequence, although there are exceptions to that rule (a couple of authors I'll jump for).

I read on my phone, but also on my Nook. DH got me a new
Nook Reader for the holidays, so now I have one with up-to-date
software again. My old Nook was from Christmas 2010. I read my
non-fiction on my Nook and fiction on my phone. 

In 2016 I read a total of 230 ebooks on my list.and I'm carrying over 43 purchased but unread (or purchased as pre-published) ebooks to 2017. Yippee! I do love to read. I have a couple of post-it notes on my desk regarding other books I'm hunting down - not all books are easy to come by, especially if the author has self-published. I always have a book on hand - usually on my phone.

I've had times when I'm quietly wiping tears from my
face in the middle of a restaurant because of a book.
Haven't you? 

Books are my best friends - there when I'm happy or sad, ready to pull me into a different life in a different place. They teach me, scold me, inspire me. DH enjoys books too, but not to the extent that I do. Nonetheless, two book lovers together can accumulate a LOT of books. Yesterday we spent some time in our library getting some of the culled paperbacks back onto the main shelving and boxing paperbacks to sell. Next Sunday I'll try to resolve the final few boxes of paperbacks so that I can take the last grouping of books to Half-Priced Books, sell them for what I can get, and be done with it all.

I also took a couple of hours of time yesterday and did a thorough
vacuuming of the house. It was really needed and a lot of work,
but the house looks so much better now. I'll try to dust on Wednesday. 

That will leave the smaller bank of bookshelves to deal with, as well as starting on all of our hardcover books. Oy! No rest for the weary. But in the end, it will be well worth the effort - the house is already looking much better. I hope all of you had a wonderful New Year's Eve, Day and Day After. Today I return to the pool and to work, and I'll also take the time to register for my Bead & Button Show classes. Although I wanted to switch my vacation and go to Vermont to meet Dawn and others in July, I got totally guilted by customers and friends about missing the Show, so I'm going back to Milwaukee again this year instead. I found five classes that will be fun to take and I'll register for them at noon today. Have a wonderful Tuesday and welcome back to the grind!

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