Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year and Peace on Earth

Every year the wheel turns and we greet the upcoming year with hope, cheers, parties, noise and romance. We turn our faces toward the future with determination to mold it to our liking, to make a kinder and happier world, to treat strangers as friends and friends as brothers and sisters. Every year we resolve that "This year will be better."

I wish each of you a Happy New Year. 

I have one simple wish for 2017 - PEACE.

I realize it is unlikely that PEACE will ever truly happen in my lifetime, despite my hopes. If full-scale wars aren't being fought, then battles between people on borders, or neighboring tribes will. If tribes finally manage to find common ground, then individual heads of family will fight. If the family heads finally come together, then small groups of people or people within the family unit will fight. Fighting and loving - it's human nature. So let me amend my New Year's wish.

I'm not looking for PEACE, I'm looking for every person, throughout the world, to step away from violence for 24 hours. Then for another 24 hours, and then another 24 hours, and so on, and so on. I'm bringing it down to a personal level, because holding your own responsibility for your temper and your actions is really all that you can do. I'm searching for PEACE in the microcosm and hoping that ripples into the macrocosm.

Have a safe New Year. Spread joy and happiness instead of anger and conflict so that when you look back on the upcoming year next December 31st, it will be with a feeling of joy, not regret. HAPPY NEW YEAR and GODDESS BLESS.

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