Thursday, December 8, 2016

How's Your Holiday List Coming Along?

One out of two isn't bad, is it? I had goals for yesterday - putting away all of my various items used for my holiday cards and vacuuming, but holiday shopping got a bit in the way, and the vacuum didn't get pulled out of the closet. Bad me! But, the various crafting gear for this year's holiday cards did get put away into the appropriate bins, so I guess yesterday was a WIN/LOSE day - as in "You Win Some and You Lose Some".

You Win Some, You Lose Some. It's all good! 

Aearwen and I had a great talk about so many things yesterday - we usually talk for an hour but ran overtime. It's always fun to look at the clock and realize that I should have been upstairs working on getting dinner into the oven instead of gabbing on the phone. Oops! It was well worth it, though, we had such an enjoyable time catching up.

I'm almost finished with my holiday shopping, probably wrapping it
up next Wednesday. I need a gift for Chickie and need to send Sharon's
gift out to her (already purchased, just not packed). I also need stocking
stuffers - very important. 

I'm almost completely finished with my holiday shopping. I might buy one or two more minor things, but I'm calling it complete. DH was bugging me for my list, so I pulled one together for him, but doubt I'll actually get anything I put onto it. Oh well, whatever Santa DH doesn't bring, I can get for myself after the new year.

I love decorated holiday trees, but I hate to actually set them
up and put the lights and decorations on them. I'll stick
to the virtual variety. Here's a lovely small tabletop tree to
inspire all of you. 

Do you have your tree(s) up and decorated? Do you even bother with a tree? Since I put one up at the shop every year, I usually don't bother decorating at home at all. I do have to pick up stocking stuffers, though. It's probably the only thing DH and I actually take seriously. Chocolate bars, pairs of  socks, sometimes even gift cards, all end up in our stockings. It's the best part of the holiday - well, that, and a day to sleep in.

I think it's the outdoor trees with lights that are most magical at
this time of the year. The lights gleaming from the snow-covered
boughs is soft and welcoming. 

I hope you have a happy Thursday. We are finally dropping into the deep freeze with temps in the teens and light snow. We'll actually get into the mid-20's today, but tomorrow we'll be mid-teens throughout. I'll be very glad for my new coat! Bundle up, all of you in the northern hemisphere - Winter Has Come!

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