Friday, November 11, 2016

Why Hate and Project Runway Recap

So we've survived the first day of Trump being President-Elect. Kind of. The election seems to have empowered some people, and not in a good way. An acquaintance of mine was hassled as he got into his vehicle to return home from the grocery store. He's gay, has a rainbow sticker on his car, and was a Hillary supporter. The guy who yelled "Faggot" out to him had a Trump/Pence sticker on the back of his pickup truck. Suddenly my friend felt in danger just doing something any other person would do in the middle of the day. I was shocked and so angry that anyone would be this insensitive toward another human being. It brought up some questions in my mind, but since I have a larger male audience on Facebook, I'll pose them there.

Why would someone act like that toward another human
being? What is so threatening about someone's
sexuality and why does it matter? It makes me
so angry that my friend was angered and frightened
like this. 

On to Project Runway - Spoilers below this point for those of you who care.

The models for this week's episode were special - the most important women in the lives of the designers. Most of them were their mothers, but Roberi and Dexter had their best friends, and Laurence had her daughter who is very stunning. The assignment was sponsored by AARP to celebrate  the next stage of the guest model's lives. The prize? $25,000 to the winning designer and $25,000 to the winning model, so a total of $50,000 between the two of them. A LOT of money that could be life-changing in all respects.

Initially I wasn't that crazy about this dress, but I do love
the skirt and the neckline. I don't feel the two fabric
choices really enhanced each other, though. 

Roberi's best friend Suky had just moved to Panama and taken a job as a graphic designer. He wanted to design a cocktail dress for her that would be graphically inspired and would be appropriate for meeting clients in. The judges adored it - the fabric choices and the neckline (Nina's favorite aspect of the dress). Roberi was one of the top for this week.

Bahamadia is a strong woman who hopes to make
an impact in the music industry. She's totally
"take no prisoners" in this outfit. 

Mah-Jing's mother, Bahamadia, was aloof, strong, and focused. Although there was definite love between the two of them, there wasn't closeness. He said that there had always been distance between them. She is a musician who will be starting her own recording label so he designed a powerful kimono-style outfit for her. I wasn't sure about this outfit on the runway, but in the detail view it was perfect for her. He was in the top three with this one.

Delia is very petite so proportions were extremely
important. She would look great going into many
professional situations in this dress and jacket. I loved
the large stitching on the black dress, and there
is a red heart hiding under the left side of the
jacket. There was a lot of love in this outfit. 

Rik was the third person in the top three this week with this very professional dress and jacket with bold stitching. His mother, Delia, was returning to school to get her Bachelor's degree after forty years away and Rik was obviously very proud of her. He said if he won he would give his $25,000 to her to help repay her for the help she had given him over the years.

Erin's mother, Whitney, loved the fact that she couldn't
find anything like this dress in Utah. I think she's
lucky that she can't. In this instance the big department
stores might have better fashion sense. Bad, bad, bad! 

On the bottom, Erin's outfit was lace over light blue with one of her signature coats and just didn't work at all. The judges felt it was juxtaposed - a winter coat over a summer dress - and too juvenile and poorly made. I have to agree. There were lots of gaps between the lacework and the dress which shouldn't have been there.

Jenni's mother, Amanda, might be in charge of a preschool,
but she didn't need to look like one of the students. The
outfit was poorly fitted and didn't flatter her mom at all. 

Jenni's mother is in charge of a pre-school so she wanted to design her something fun that she could be active in. She didn't really get a lot of help from her mom who kept changing her mind about what she wanted in a garment throughout the design stage and their time at Mood. Bad communication led to a bad design that had serious design and construction flaws. These flaws earned her spot in the bottom three.

Nathalia's mother, Sory, was not flattered by this oversized
leather coat and wide-legged pants. She's a very attractive
woman who wasn't showcased in any positive manner. 

Finally, Nathalia constructed a leather coat and a pant and top for her mother, Sory. She spent too much time on a variety of things and ended up unable to finish the hem of the coat. She was hoping she'd at least be safe, but ended up on the bottom instead by drowning her mom's very attractive figure in voluminous fabric that was unfinished.

The winner? Rik's very wonderful and professional garment for his mom. Mah-Jing and Roberi were the runners up. On the bottom, Erin, Nathalia and Jenni fought it out. Erin was safe, leaving Jenni and Nathalia on the edge. Jenni was sent home and I suspect Nathalia won't be far behind. Erin had better get her act together. Coat after coat after coat are making her a one-trick pony.

I'm fighting a chest cold today but I'm still going to try to swim. I'll be back tomorrow. Have a great Friday, everyone!

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