Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Sky is Falling - Or Maybe Not

OK, we've had a day of Donald Trump being the President-elect and the sky hasn't fallen. People are still being civil to each other (as much as usual), traffic still flows or stutters dependent upon the time of day and the volume, and coffee is still served in millions of locations every day. The world continues. Change usually doesn't happen with a sledgehammer. After the inauguration he'll have his 100 day mandate - the time in which he can accomplish the most toward attaining his personal stated goals. But those one hundred days do come to an end and even though there is a Republican Congress behind him, it's a broken Congress. The rhetoric may not be followed by as much action as he might want.

Look at this wonderful 3-D printed skull. I wish I had found this
graphic for Dia de los Muertos. Instead of something wonderful
like this, I printed out more than 100 pages of exercises and
assignments for the Writing portion of my Creative Writing course. 

While the world was reeling and/or celebrating, I had a lovely day off. I finally had the time to print out the rest of the exercises for my creative writing course which will complete the Plotting and the Writing portions. The Editing portion will go live in December. I did some work on my holiday cards - not quite as much as I wanted to, but every day has to have some work to have these completed in time. I had a lovely conversation with Aearwen - always one of the high points of my week. The world might have been reeling, but it went on.

DH usually gets a cinnamon sugar bagel with honey walnut
cream cheese spread and a cup of coffee. Since I've
often already had breakfast by this time, I only have
coffee. One can never have too much coffee in the mornings. 

DH has started a habit of meeting me at our local bagel and coffee place on Wednesday mornings for a cup of coffee and a chat before he swings off to work and I continue my errands. It's a relatively new habit of his, but I'm enjoying it. We have a chance to actually talk together without electronics getting in our way. I hope it becomes a regular pattern of behavior, but who knows. Only time and the weather will tell.

If we go with the average date based on 1981-2010, we're WAY late. We
should have already had a 28F freeze during the week of October 11-20.
Instead, the prediction is currently November 18th-19th. Seriously late.
I hope this means we'll have a mild winter. 

Speaking of weather, it is finally starting to get colder again. The weather people are speculating that our first hard freeze will be in mid-November which is extremely late. We usually have at least one hard freeze in October and that didn't happen this year. Some plants are confused and are trying to push out new growth. They'll regret that within a couple of weeks. I'm just trying to avoid pulling out the parka for as long as possible, so I'm still in my leather bomber jacket with a hoodie underneath for my early morning stands at the gym door waiting for the gatekeeper of the day to unlock at 5:00 am.

My YMCA is a stickler. The doors are not unlocked until
5:00 am. Other branches unlock earlier and allow the
patrons to stand out of the weather until it is time to
scan their cards and let them into the facilities.
I usually call the gatekeepers "Gargoyles", while
we who stand outside awaiting entry are "Lemmings".
Just my personal vernacular. 

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday and that the future doesn't look quite as bleak today as it might have yesterday. Remember, we are resilient - we will survive. Tonight is Project Runway. Last week Cornelius was voted off and then saved by the Tim Gunn save. This week it might be one, or maybe two who will be going home. Fun times in the world of "fashion". Synopsis tomorrow if all goes well.

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