Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Tuesday Redo - Pool, Movie - Haven't I Tried This Before?

Yesterday was a bit of a wash - although I was a good girl, standing in front of the doors for the YMCA at 5:00 am when they were unlocked - the pool was closed. I'll find out more about why later this morning, but suspect it was a chemical issue. In any case, they said the earliest it would open would be 6:30 am, so I blew off the pool, went home and showered, and went out for breakfast. It was amusing to see the three guys who swim in the lane next to me on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, sitting in a nearby booth having their own breakfasts.

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery is my usual breakfast
spot. I like their coffee, and they have some really
nice meals for $4-$8 that I usually choose from. 

Unfortunately it was the beginning of a carb-heavy day which is reflected in my morning weight today. Ugh! The pool should be back up and running today and I'll be there, working off all of my poor food choices from yesterday.

I'll be back in the pool today. I really growl when my schedule
gets messed up, and yesterday was a total miss! 

Tonight I am going with Chickie to see "Moana" after work. This looked really cute, and I'm totally willing to spend $5 on it along with some free popcorn. Popcorn's not the best dinner in the world, but actually, not too bad. It should be a fun time and make up for last week's snow-shortened movie trip. The weather shouldn't be much of an issue tonight.

I'm looking forward to "Moana". It's getting high scores on
"Rotten Tomatoes" in both critical and audience reviews. 

My favorite bookstore, Barnes & Noble, were kind enough to send me a $10 gift card as a membership reward. What a nice thing! I'll be loading that onto my B&N account on Wednesday and it'll be eaten up within two e-books. What a wonderful gift, I'm very happy indeed.

I'm not sure they'll use a cherry picker (getting on down into my
lower yard could be difficult or next to impossible). I know they
are going to use some equipment, though, because they'll be trimming
the yew on my corner to get it in position. 

Today several of our trees will be taken down. We opted for half of the trees we originally wanted cut, but it's still going to be quite the job for them to get to the ones we need removed. They are supposed to phone DH when they are on their way from a small job that will start their day. Ideally they should be out working in my backyard around 10:00 am. It'll be loud, and the neighbors will all be looking out their windows to see what's happening. It's rather funny to be the center of attention for all of the retired folks living on the other side of the creek from me. I just hope everything goes smoothly.

Have a happy Tuesday, all!

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