Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween and Tomorrow's Blog

Happy Halloween to one and all. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays - I loved it as a kid, went to a lot of parties as an adult, and now I answer the door and distribute candy to other younger people working their way through the neighborhood. It's all good and enjoyable. We've had both great weather and winter blizzards in the past, so we never know what will happen on this date, but today looks like it will be warm with no snow in sight.

The neighborhood I grew up in had lots of kids. We were all escorted by
parents and wandered through three or four blocks to get our pillowcases
filled with sugary delights. 

Tomorrow morning is the first of November and the first day when I can put in an application for new health insurance. Given the fact that my plan is defunct on January 1st, I have to get this handled. More than 250,000 of us will be without insurance on the first of January, but only 20,000 of us will be able to obtain insurance through specific programs operated by MnSure. That's going to leave a lot of people swinging in the wind and I'm determined to NOT be one of them. Instead of a blog post tomorrow, I'll be dealing with insurance as soon as I awaken. Hopefully my early rising habits will pay off for a change.

Halloween is a bridging holiday - a pathway between the living
and the dead and a time when doors can be opened. 

So, there might not be much of a post tomorrow, but I'm sure you all will survive without my chatting about this and that. I'm hearing DH having a very restless night in the bedroom above me, and chances are good I'll have company for breakfast in a few hours. That actually would be rather nice.

Have a wonderful Halloween. If you're partying, remember to drink responsibly or walk to and from home. If you're watching kidlings as they wander through neighborhoods or attend various Halloween parties, enjoy their glee as they gather with other costumed kids to collect candy or playthings together. Don't forget, not everyone can eat candy, so if you're giving things out, try to have some non-candy alternatives for those who have food allergies. Then, get your sugar skills ready for the Day of the Dead coming up tomorrow!

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