Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fall - Views From My Front Yard

Fall is slipping in but yesterday belied the fact. Even when I went to sleep it was 57 F degrees, unusually warm for this year. It would be lovely if this continued through Halloween, and if the Weather Channel predictions are correct, that may even be a possibility. We won't hit the almost 70 F we hit on Thursday, but we'll at least be in the 60's F for the first part of next week. Of course, we still have to get through the weekend when our temps will be closer to the normal - highs around 50 F.

We had rain all day Tuesday and Wednesday the creek on our eastern
boundary was running high. I loved the water and the fall leaves
carpeting the ground. 

Still, that in-between time that fall can often be is wonderful. The winter can take its time. I enjoy having a white Christmas, but the real pounding snow that has to be pulled off the roof and shoveled or snow blown from the driveway can take its time. Winter is a season of rare beauty, but each season can take its own time.

A closer look at my creek. Most of the time it is babbling, sometimes it
barely flows, but after a hard rain, it can get quite high and very fast.
This wasn't a hard rain, just a day of constant rain that just raised the water
volume a bit. 

I've gotten two lovely cards from friends this week. Thanks go out to Poo and Drummerwench for cards that lightened my day. Poo made me a wonderful Halloween hanging card featuring a sparkling pumpkin with heat embossed gothic lettering, and Drummerwench sent a delightful five-clawed imperial dragon thank-you card for a small gift that I sent to celebrate her birthday. It's always fun to get cards from friends.

The rain also brought out mushrooms on a tree stump near my
driveway. The mushrooms were very happy, but I loved the
contrast of the browns of the mushrooms and stump and the red leaves
from a grapevine on the left. 

I'm spending my mornings working on my holiday cards. I'll put out my first "Call for Cards" on Monday because a lot of people don't read on the weekends. Even a simple card can have its twists and turns and this year is no exception. I think I have the current stumbling block resolved, though, so Monday I'll be back at work on them.

My front yard is accumulating leaves and we'll soon have to start
raking. We're not at that point quite yet, but within the next few weeks,
we'll be raking and blowing leaves from all of the yards. 

I've peppered this post with pictures I took on Wednesday, celebrating the colors of fall in my front yard. Enjoy the photos and your weekend.

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