Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Switching Into High Activity Mode

DH worked really hard for as long as possible yesterday, trying to get the steps laid and finished in the castle. Unfortunately, he only got five done, and is facing the fact that he'll either have to place more step tiers than he wanted, or devise a sloping pathway for the remainder after the final sixth step is placed next week. He'll have a few days to contemplate - he won't be able to return to the dirt until Tuesday.

I'm slightly blurred on this photo, but you can get
an idea, at least. I'm standing at the edge of the
patio looking at the five steps placed so far. The
two-inch capstones still need to be added, but the
base stones are all finished and level. 

I'll be shifting into high tornado gear myself today and tomorrow. My goal today is to move and shift all items remaining in Sharon's room until it actually looks like a bedroom once more, rather than a staging platform for my book clearance project. I'll likely have sore muscles tomorrow because I'll be up and down the stairs bunches of times.

I have several boxes of books ready to go to Half-Price Books. These
are old textbooks, novels, and other assorted hardcover books that
we don't want/need to keep any more. 

Tomorrow I want to be a fluff and stuff day - vacuuming, dusting, making the bed, that kind of stuff. That means a lot has to happen today and everything needs to click into place. I'll try to trot another smaller load of books over to Half-Price Books tomorrow morning. I have five or six boxes of hardcover books in my entryway that need to go elsewhere.

I'll be busy cleaning for the next day and a half. I think
I'll skip the maid's dress, however. Jeans might be
the better clothing choice. 

Then, after moving things today and cleaning tomorrow, I'll pick Sharon up from the airport on Thursday afternoon and we'll be ready for the State Fair and the Renaissance Festival. Four days of lots of walking, some talking, people watching, shopping, and sitting with my friend of more than 45 years. I'm hoping I won't gain a lot of weight (although I'm bound to gain some through Fair food and several dinners out over the four-and-a-half days she's visiting). Whatever I gain, I'll be back at the gym in a week. I'll just have to work it back off again.

I'll probably drop by Trader Joe's tomorrow and pick up some flowers
for Sharon's room. I don't shop there often, but their flowers are usually
quite nice and not too expensive. 

I'll post tomorrow, but have to get moving today. The pool is calling me for one of my last two outdoor swims, and moving boxes waits for no woman. Have a wonderful and productive Wednesday!

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