Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Swimming In the Rain

It's raining, but I think the thunder is gone and the rain should be finished by 6:00 am or so. I'm going to take a chance that the outdoor pool is open for swimming. If there's been thunder or lightning within the hour, it will be closed and I'll have to drive east 10 miles to the White Bear Lake YMCA and use their pool. (Our indoor pool at my little Y is being cleaned and refilled for the season, so we can't just move indoors.) It's the final week for the 50-meter outdoor pool, and swimming in the early morning darkness can be incredible.

There is something so inviting about a pool at night or in
the darkness. This particular pool is at the Kempinski Resort
in the Seychelles. Pretty, isn't it? 

I've been researching swimming techniques to try and improve my stroke and workout. It seems that I should be breathing from both sides. That's hard for me - really hard. But I can see the sense to it and I'm going to give it a go. I'm not expecting that I'll get the hang of it right away, but I can manage to start with small tries until I finally get the hang of it. Heck - I've got months, even years to work on it, if necessary.

Of course, DH isn't building castle walls with this kind
of scope. I think I'm pretty grateful about that :-)

DH only gets today to work on the castle. He'll have to work the rest of the week starting on Wednesday. He's determined to get as much done as he possibly can, and he's really happy with how much he's accomplished on the project. I think the back yard looks as if it's been attacked by a herd of giant gophers, but he's actually doing an amazing job and it's going to look wonderful when he gets it wrapped up next year.

The snow will come. By Christmas we will have seen
some flakes, at least, but we may also have enough to have
a White Christmas. You can never tell what will happen
with the weather here in the Frozen Northlands. 

Why next year? Well, this is the Frozen Northlands and that frozen water we call snow will start to fall within a few months. Also, our temps will drop to the point where working outdoors won't really be a good idea. But I know him - he'll push to get as much done as possible.

I like my current Motorola, and I've looked at the
various options available, but my current phone is
getting buggy and I need more data space because
I'm running out of memory. I hate spending money
on a new phone, but it is becoming necessary. 

I broke down and grabbed more download capacity for our phones last night. We're ending up grabbing more 4G and less WiFi lately than our norm, and the last thing I need is to be paying overage charges for 4G access. So I upped our 4GB plan to a 6GB capacity. Since I'm also researching new phones, September may turn into a very expensive month for me. I'm looking at possibly getting a Motorola Droid Turbo 2. Any of my on-line friends have this phone? What do you think?

Have a wonderful Tuesday. I'm off to attempt a swim in the rain ...

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