Tuesday, August 23, 2016

More Stone? Who Would Believe?

Yet again a trip to the home supplies store. The mission this time? To find capstones for the larger stones of the walls and steps. The capstones will top each step and become the top row of the castle walls. We'd been looking at the palette of stones which is supposed to be the matching color for our wall stones for several months, but it's always been the wrong color placed in the wrong location. But we needed these, so now it was time to order some if they couldn't find any.

Capstones are what is on top of the wall stones in the foreground
of this picture. (We will be re-doing our patio next year, but I
doubt it will be quite this elaborate.) Capstones must be
set with adhesive to prevent movement under the feet
if they are on stairs. It's a safety issue. 

Surprise! Supposedly they had some. But where? Ah! WAY up there on the top shelf was a shrink-wrapped palette with the correct product number, containing 100 in the correct color. Why hadn't it been put where it was supposed to be? Who knows? But it was a palette of 100, and that's exactly the quantity we had wanted to order.

I've always thought forklifts were super cool. I've even driven and
handled them in my past. But I never needed to get quite as high
as the one in this photo. The girl last night brought our palette of
stone down from almost this high. It was impressive! 

A short time later we were at the end of the aisle as a technician brought the palette down to our level on a fork lift. After opening it and making sure it was the color we needed, we were off to customer service to buy the full palette.

We loaded up the wheelbarrow for several quick
trips to take the new capstones to our staging
area. The river rocks will be part of the
fill in the curved sections of the wall along
the house. It's coming together. 

Within an hour we had 40 of the capstones in my car along with more Paver Base and two bags of river rocks (much smaller than the rocks pictured above). I'll pick up the additional 60 capstones tonight after work. Everything is paid for, the remaining capstones are labelled with our name and set aside for will-call, and it didn't take long to unload the new stones from my car into our staging area. Of course that led to a really late dinner, but DH is happy. He can continue with the steps which is high priority before we dive in to winter. I'll leave him to it. Have a great Tuesday.

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