Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Friends, Friends, Friends

Today is a day filled with friends - friends here in the Cities, friends in other states and friends who will be coming to visit. I'm starting my day out with lunch with an on-line friend - Drummerwench. Her husband is from the area and they have visited once a year for the past several years. When they are in town, she and I try to meet for lunch to catch up a bit. Today is that day and I'm delighted to have the opportunity to share great food with a fellow LJ'er.

Friends can make bad things good.

After lunch I'll be diving back into my chores, but I'll take time in the late afternoon to catch up with Aearwen. Normally we talk for an hour every week, but life has thrown us some curve balls this year and we've often had to text each other to cancel or reschedule. Fortunately that doesn't happen often, and we just dive right back into our friendship and continue our discussions about everything and anything with ease. It'll be wonderful to talk with her again.

It's always fun to catch up with a friend, whether it's
been a day, a month, or a year since the last contact. 

Finally there's my BFF, Sharon. Sharon will be arriving for her annual "vacation" with us next Thursday afternoon. Right now, I still can't walk into her room because it's occupied with disassembled bookshelves, tables, and boxes of sundries that need to be gone through. I need to put some serious work into her room today between all of my other tasks. I've got eight days to get it together, but only two days to make it happen.

It's always fun to meet old friends again, as well
as make new ones. 

Also, if any of my readers come to or pass through the Minneapolis/St Paul area, I'd love to meet up for a meal, or a walk through a museum, or a movie, or just a chat alongside one of our many lakes. It's always fun to have a face to face meeting with friends I only know through a keyboard and the beneficence of the digital Gods of bits and bytes. Have a glorious Wednesday and why not phone a friend and invite them to join you for tea or coffee.

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