Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday - Rest Day But Not For Me

Although the boys riding Le Tour have a rest day today before beginning the next seven difficult mountain stage rides, I'm not that lucky. I have to work today and it's the beginning of eight days of kitty care and feeding. It used to be pretty easy to take care of Chickie's elderly cat - I'd go in, clean up the litter and feed and water Sasha. We would look at each other, I'd talk to her a bit, she'd hiss at me, I'd hiss at her. Then I was out of there and back on my way to work.

I could use a good rest day myself, especially since I'll
be working for the next six days straight. But, no
rest for me. Instead I have a BUNCH of things on
my to-do list to get done before work today. 

This time kitty care won't be as easy or fast because I have two kittens, not a single elderly cat, to take care of. That means the bottoms of my long skirts might be fair game, that means they might want to play, and that means I need a bit more time to spend which I really don't have - especially today. I'll try to spend more time with the demon cats tomorrow, but today I'm really crunched for time.

Although ours wasn't this exact model, this is close. These large
TVs from the 1980's and early 1990's were huge, bulky, and
extremely heavy. I still have two other TVs that we still use
from this vintage that may well kill me when we have to
move them out of the house to upgrade them at some point. 

Yesterday afternoon DH and I carried (with great difficulty) the dead TV (killed in last week's storms) up from the lower level of the house and put it into the back of my car. I'll drop it off at Tech Dump today, pay them the small amount they require for a TV, and they will recycle it for me. I'm thrilled that they do that, and they will have people there who can handle this incredibly heavy and obnoxious TV. We've replaced it with one we inherited from his Dad's estate. Equally as heavy and bulky, but actually watchable. It's amazing! LOL

I use the Book Catalogue app on my android phone for my
cataloging and organization. It works quite well. As of the
end of yesterday's two boxes worth, I had a total of 2233 books
cataloged, organized, and boxed by author's last name. Just
a few more and we can start culling them. My goal is no more
than 500 books kept. 

My task of cataloging our mass market paperbacks is progressing. My best estimate is probably another two full boxes to do before I have the library empty. Current count of books cataloged is more than 2200, so I'm doing well. It takes about an hour to catalog a single mixed box and I've got more than 40 of them so far. It's quite the project and I'll be happy to move from Stage 1 to Stage 2 within a couple of weeks.

I'm looking forward to getting into the swimming pool today.
It won't be my full mile, but at least I can get into the water
for a while. 

So today I'm off to the swimming pool at my alternate YMCA, then to my Chiropractor, then home to switch out my gym gear for my laptop, then the post office, then breakfast, then kitty care, then Tech Dump and finally the shop. Whew! I'm tired already after reading all of that. Here's hoping you have a great Monday. I'll be back to posting stages of Le Tour de France tomorrow.

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