Monday, July 25, 2016

Le Tour Wrap-up and Lobster - Yummy!

Le Tour de France is complete and the summer is rushing away from me. Within the next month, Renaissance Festival will begin and my Sundays will be filled by driving out to the Fest grounds and enjoying the end of summer and beginning of autumn. I have SO MUCH to do in my house before I get to that point. I'm going to have to shift into high gear.

The problem isn't the cleaning as much as the clutter. We're
working on it steadily, but it's a lot of work and we have
minimal time in which to do it. Sharon comes in six weeks.
The clock is ticking! 

On Wednesday I take my desktop computer out to my computer guru. He's going to install a 1TB solid state hard drive for me, dump over my data, and generally clean things up. I'm red-lined on storage on my current main drive and that's nervewracking for a system that is my main computer. The laptop is all good and fine, but the desktop is my workhorse.

I love lobster tails on the grill. It's so easy and they
taste so good. 

Yesterday's dinner was spectacular. Hubby manned the charcoal grill for T-bone steaks, lobster tails and corn in the husk. I added grilled onions and mushrooms and pasta on the stove. So good! I immediately portioned my dinner into two, so I get to look forward to this again for dinner tonight. Yippee!

Podium Winners from left to right: Peter Sagan, Chris Froome, Adam
Yates and Rafal Mijka. Congratulations to the winners! 

So as I get ready to leave for the swimming pool and a chiropractic appointment, here are the final standings of the 2016 Le Tour de France. Have a wonderful Monday!

Overall Winner - Yellow Jersey - Chris Froome
Sprinter Winner - Green Jersey - Peter Sagan
King of the Mountains - Polka Dot Jersey - Rafal Mijka
Best Rider Under 25 Years of Age - White Jersey - Adam Yates
Most Aggressive Rider - Peter Sagan
Stage Winner - Andre Greipel
Team Winner - Movistar
CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE. Now ... on to the Olympics!

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