Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Le Tour, The Alps and a Day Off (Finally)

I've been working on my Wednesdays for the past two weeks but FINALLY I get my day off. I'm just over the moon! I have laundry, grocery shopping, repairs, reports to submit to various governmental entities, and some on-line orders to place, and finally get to spend an hour on the phone with Aearwen, all in a heat index of over 100 degrees F (37.7 C). I'll have the day off, bur I'll be wilting. Still, I'm very happy to just have my day back. I missed it!

Look at these teeth. Ending the stage at the top of an HC mountain will
be brutal and very difficult. I can hardly wait! 

Today Le Tour is in Switzerland going through the Alps from Bern to Finhaut-Emosson. We finally have mountains again and these last few days of the Tour as we move towards Sunday's entry into Paris might be quite brutal for the exhausted and bruised riders. They had yesterday off to recover and tomorrow will be a time trial, but we're in the mountains. Yippee!

Donald Trump by Joep Bertrams, The Netherlands. 

Short and sweet today - not a lot of gossip, etc. Here's hoping you have a wonderful Wednesday. I'll be trying to ignore the fact that we actually have an idiot like Donald Trump officially nominated for the Presidency. OMG! Donald or Hillary - what a horrible choice. This presidential election is our version of Britex but we have no opportunity for do-overs after the dust settles in November.  At least I get to start this hot day out by swimming ... nothing much better than that at 5:00 am.

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