Thursday, July 21, 2016

Heat, Time Trials in the Alps and Swimming Pools

It's effin' HOT! It's 3:40 in the morning and 84F degrees (feels like 90F degrees). For my friends who think in Centigrade, that's 28.8C in real temp, feeling like 32.2C. It's icky and only going to get worse. Today is an air conditioning day, but we don't have A/C at home, so we're sweltering. DH was up most of the night, finally going back to bed shortly before my alarm went off. He'll be cranky today from lack of sleep, and will probably go in to work just for the A/C that he has available there. Too bad he's unable to sleep at his desk.

An individual time trial with this profile will be killer! The gaps will
increase and any mistakes will be exploited. 

As for Le Tour, it's been hot there too. The boys were riding through the Swiss Alps yesterday in 92F (32.7C) temps. It was a great day of cycling, though. Really excellent! Today they are riding a 17.0 km Individual Time Trial in the French Alps. It's (obviously) a mountain time trial, and even though the length of it isn't bad, it's still going to be a fight.

This is the outdoor pool at my local YMCA. It's actually really nice, Olympic-sized,
and very popular. Our swimmers increase in the three months that the outdoor pool
is open because swimmers from all over the north metro area come to swim
outdoors in our pool. 

I ended up swimming in the outdoor pool yesterday morning because our second lifeguard overslept. The outdoor pool is actually really nice. It's Olympic size, 50 meters long, and has six lanes instead of the five we have indoors. I enjoyed myself and got in a good workout. The only problem I had was how to adapt my normal medley of strokes to the shorter number of laps. I didn't do any backstroke, but did a full lap in breaststroke. I also got a full lap of paddles in, so it wasn't too bad. I'll have to think about how to adapt for the different length. Sixteen laps in the outdoor pool equals my 36 laps in the indoor pool, so it's a serious difference in length.

Our indoor pool is much smaller. When most of the swimmers
are outdoors, though, I can often have a private lane to myself
in the indoor pool and that's wonderful. 

Here's hoping all of you can stay cool and comfortable today. I can hardly wait to get back into the water again - it's too hot for working on the treadmill so I'm swimming instead. Then I need to do taxes and reports when I get to the shop - things I couldn't finish yesterday because I didn't have all of the information needed. *sigh* I really hate taxes and reports. Happy Thursday!

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