Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Weather and A Winner

Time is rushing by on me this morning. I'm going to make today's post short and sweet.

I loved the depth and texture of the clouds in the western skies
last night. It looked as if I took a graver to a sheet of metal. So kewl! 

First, take a look at the storm clouds over Minneapolis last night as I was driving home from work. They were just so amazingly textural, I had to stop and snap a quick pic to share with DH and with all of you. Pretty cool, isn't it? I think we dodged a bullet with this one. If the weather had been hotter, we might have been looking at severe storms and tornadoes from these clouds.


Congratulations to Alisan Porter, the winner of Season 10 of
The Voice. It was a very talented field of musicians and
a hard fought battle to the end. 

Congratulations go out to Alisan Porter, the winner of Season 10 of "The Voice". I had been watching her carefully from the beginning and she never failed to disappoint. She's Christina Aguilera's first winning contestant, so cheers to girl power. It was a really entertaining final show. I'm torn about watching Season 11 since both Christina Aguilera and Pherrell Williams will be replaced - one with Alicia Keys and one with Miley Cyrus. I like Alicia Keys, but I can't stand Miley Cyrus. That alone might be enough to keep me from watching.

Here's hoping you have a great Wednesday. I've got a long list of things to accomplish today, and I suspect I'll be dodging rain all day as well. Have a good one!

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