Friday, April 15, 2016

Things Are Too Quiet

Things at my various groups are quiet right now, and it's a bit unsettling. There are still stories being written in the various writing groups I frequent, bead stores are still operating, but no posts in my bead store owner's group for almost a week, and several of the art groups I belong to are echoing across the virtual walls. I can't quite figure out why.

I search for new things, but so little is being posted. It's like
searching in an empty room. 

Yes, it's spring and we had our first 70 F day yesterday to start out the season properly. Yes, with spring comes gardening, outdoor activities, and preparations for the upcoming spring/summer/fall busy seasons. (If you're south of the equator, your fall also takes time and preparation before winter hits.) But it's really slow - almost listening to crickets slow. Wake up, people! Post something. Many of you fight depression and posting allows us to know that you're OK.

At least I feel that I might have a legitimate excuse (although I have been reading and commenting on posts by friends, so yes, I've been active). This week has been wallpaper week. Tuesday and Wednesday were filled with stripping off the old paper, filling holes, sanding, and priming the walls. Thursday was paper the hallway and entryway and today will be papering the living room and final clean-up. Mike is doing a totally amazing job and it's looking so good.

My walls were bad, but NOT this bad. Mike didn't
have to skim coat the walls, just do selective
seams and patching places where the old adhesive pulled off
some of the wallboard surface. 

So that's my excuse. That, and the fact that even if I have not been writing and posting fiction, I do post my blog every day and have for many, many years. That's not changing. But I love seeing what my friends and acquaintances are up to in their daily lives. When I get stressed out, it's sometimes the lifeline that pulls me along.

Reach out and touch someone. Post something, comment on
someone else's post, make yourself an active part of your
on-line communities once more. 

Please settle down and write something, or take a few photos and post them. Prove to those reading that you still exist and that you still care. The people reading your various posts need to know that they are not voices shouting out into the wilderness. I'll be thinking about my next project while I'm in the pool today. Happy Friday to all!

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