Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spring Cleaning Has Started

Spring is here, and although we might still get a snow, it is unlikely given our mild winter. Everywhere I look the trees are turning green. The golden waterfalls of leaves are beginning to cascade from the weeping willows, the flowers are budding and blooming on the fruit trees, and (unfortunately) the insect world is also beginning to be active once more. Those little legs sure can move fast when I'm trying to catch and smoosh them!

I'm not as fast as this chameleon. If I had to rely on my old
reflexes, I'd be starving. The insects are winning and I'm losing. 

Yesterday I devoted some serious cleaning time to my car to pull out the winter floor mats, switch over to the summer mats, and clean the interior. I pulled, cleaned, vacuumed, and even washed the interior windshield and window glass, She's sparkling and showy again, and sitting proud. I have two auto emblems ready to put onto her when I get the outside clean - logos for the Denver Broncos and the Minnesota Wild. I love my favorite sports teams.

I love the logo for the Minnesota Wild hockey team. Ir's
fierce, and evokes the landscape of this amazing state. 

Along with the sports team logos, I received an order of really lovely wide lace. It's now washed and ready for me to apply it. I want to run a strip of the lace down the outside legs of my favorite pair of jeans because it will be fun and they'll look fabulous. (Yes, I'm a die-hard hippie.) I was going to buy a second pair of jeans yesterday, but just couldn't find a pair I really liked. I'll keep looking because I have some gift cards, so I'd be getting the jeans for almost free - a very good thing!

I'm not fond of the photo, but the lace is fabulous and looks amazing
against denim. I'll try and get that applied within the next week or so. 

Today I have to craft and send out an email to my customers introducing them to Sandi's Sparkling Swarovski Sale Bucket. Over the years my store has bought $1000's worth of Swarovski crystal beads and many of them are now discontinued styles or colors. I'm putting the remaining stock of these on sale for deep discounts. I should probably also start setting up an Etsy store with my overstock and special sales. *sigh* More computer work.

The designers might drive me crazy, but it's 1000's of tines better
than listening to politics. 

At least I'll have Project Runway All Stars to look forward to tonight. Have a great Thursday, all.

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