Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Post 2226 - A Celebration

Today is post #2226 of my blog, and I'm celebrating by giving all of you something wonderful to look at. Why? Because I'm so tired of politics, platforms, and other crap that pulls us into little, isolated and guarded personal areas. We wall ourselves off from other people with the power of law and "No Trespassing" signs because the other people believe in the "wrong" god, have the "wrong" color of skin, or love the "wrong" kind of person. But take a look at this ...

We live on an amazing planet in a solar system, galaxy, and universe that is beyond our scope to ever truly comprehend in all of its majesty. We have this gorgeous and phenomenal place to live and we're destroying it, one little step at a time. So I offer all of you something to watch for a little bit to celebrate how amazing it is that we are able to live on something so incredibly beautiful. Happy Wednesday to all.

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