Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sharing Pretty Things II

Continuing on through the American Craft Council show over the weekend, I have five other talented and innovative jewelers to share with you. Today is the start of a very busy three days. My wallpaper guy, Mike, will be here at 7:00 am to start pulling down and putting up our new wallpaper. My living room now looks like it's been tilted and all of the furniture has slid to the north end, since he'll be re-papering the two-story southern wall. I'll be so glad to get this done. DH is still fearing the new look will be too dark. It will be darker than what we previously had up, but I think with the lighter carpet, it will be a good trade-off. I also think the papers we finally decided on will be stunning in their assigned places. So here we go - the final stages of our main floor re-do (without the kitchen which I'll save for another year or two). Now to look at some pretty things ...

This is work by Thea Izzi who works with what is called fused metal.
It is gold on one side, sterling silver on the other. She uses it
to make exquisite, geometric shaped jewelry. Her work can
be found at her website Divine Geometric Design . She'll be
showing at the ACAC Lincoln Center show in early June for
my New York friends. 

Jera Lodge is my next jeweler. I loved her concept, but
wasn't as sure about her methods and application. She
uses stainless steel and other metals for her shapes, then
patinas and paints them to get color and texture. I was a bit
hesitant because I couldn't judge the durability of her
paint, but I loved her unique concept and sense of style. 

Here is the stone, metal and jewel work of
Julie Jerman-Melka. Julie and her husband Jeffrey
are from Calumet, Michigan and their work
is unique; river stones, cut, drilled and polished,
often set with precious stones. I loved their design
sense and the idea of merging the precious with the
same stones that we have skipped across ponds
while growing up. Their business is called
Flying Anvil Designs

Heather Guidero textures silver and gold and 
sets precious stones (sometimes) in them to 
create unique, geometric designs. Her work is 
anything but the flashy. Instead, it has an 
industrial appearance and appeal. She's 
a bit pricey, but there's some very nice work 
here. This bracelet was very elegant
while understated. 

Enamel by Wear Ever Jewelry from Budd Lake, New Jersey is
my final choice for today's share. Jennifer Jordan Park fashions
sturdy, textured and colorful enamel into very modern and
functional jewelry. She's got two shows in the East scheduled
for May and then she's in San Francisco for the final ACC Show
of the season in August. She also teaches classes.
and workshops in New Jersey.
Check out her work on her website here

So there you have it - five more artists to brighten your day, along with links to each website. Sorry I forgot to put links in for yesterday's grouping, although they are pretty easy to do a quick search in Google and find their designs. Here's hoping your day goes smoothly and that my own will be unmarred by panic phone calls from DH or my wallpaper dude. Happy Tuesday to all!

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