Monday, April 11, 2016

Sharing Pretty Things I

Sunday DH and I actually set an alarm to awaken and get going early. After a relaxing breakfast we headed out to the annual American Craft Council show in downtown St Paul. This show, which we've attended  every year for more than fifteen years, is a gathering of highly talented artisans from around the world who sell at one or more of the three ACC shows held around the nation - Baltimore, San Francisco, and Saint Paul. It's always a treat to go and see the pretty things. We didn't buy anything this year, but I have lots of eye candy to share with you for the next few days. So here we go.

I'll start with enamels by Emily Chesick who is actually
a Minnesota enamel artist. She has a delicate touch
with her cloisonne and is a talented goldsmith as well.  

This great piece is from a collaborative pair - Aaron Macsai
and Frances Kite. They are from Atlanta, Georgia and share
workspace, creative vision and their lives. The underlying
metalwork is highly textured and then the cloisonne is
placed over that. Lovely work. 

Danny Saatoff specializes in kinetic sculpture pieces and
dramatic jewelry. I loved his vision and playful
combinations that also were technically brilliant. This
bracelet is just one small example of his skill. He's
another local artist that I'm watching. 

Andrea Haffner's studio is located in Ojai, California. She
uses pigments, resins and natural pieces of plants,
shell and miscellaneous to produce exquisite works of
art. She'll entrap miniature items into colored resin and
the depth of the art is exceptional. Very fun! 

Finally, to end today's offerings, I present this kaleidoscope ring, one
of many wearable and working kaleidoscopes made by Kevin and
Deborah Healey of Lompoc, California. I adore kaleidoscopes
anyway, and the idea of having a small, portable one to look
through at the spur of the moment is very intriguing. The price
was right, but I was poor. I looked, but didn't buy. 

After spending a very enjoyable three hours at the show, we drove to the hospital and shared a half hour with Matt and his family who had gathered in his hospital room to celebrate his youngest child's eighth birthday. Then we all separated and we continued on to Chili's for dinner, several Patron margaritas, and watching the final round of The Masters golf tournament on their big screen. It was a lovely Sunday all around. Now to head to the pool and work off those drinks and my dinner. Have a wonderful Monday.

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