Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Raining, Pouring LIFE!

So, where is it written that everything has to happen at once? Can't do it - just CAN'T! I'm finally getting my spring schedule handled and have been waiting to hear from my wallpaper installer. I told him I need a week's notice before he can start work, and that two would be better. I get his email yesterday night - he wants to start Monday morning at 7:00 am. No ... NOT!!! My return email asked for a date in the week after, but at a minimum, 24 hours after when he originally wanted to start.

It never rains but it pours, and I have no time in which to
do 12 hours of prep work. Argh!!!

I just can't swing my disassembling of my hallway and living room that quickly. Sunday we have the ACC Show to attend followed by visiting Matt in the hospital and then we'll get home and can start pulling down the artwork and disassembling shelving. But by Monday we can't get it done, and we both work on Monday, so no go at all for that day of the week. Oy! I  need a clone, but I don't see that happening anytime in the immediate future.

Love this book. It's been read in my stolen five
minutes for the past couple of days. Wish I
had a extended period of time to just
immerse myself in it. He makes the science fun! 

I've been having a wonderful time reading a book suggested by a friend (shout out to Huinare) called "Your Inner Fish: A Journey Into the 3.5-Billion-Year History of the Human Body" by Neil Shubin, and in turn, I am recommending it to my readers. As an archaeologist, I've always been fond of digging in the dirt, but those people who dealt with fossils were beyond my ken. I thought what they were finding was pretty amazing, and loved the thought of dinosaurs, etc., but I never really put a lot of thought into how evolution can be present in our current bodies and how it is more than just differently colored finches and moths.

Apparently there was a PBS series based on the book.
Now I'm going to have to search this out because I
want to see it as well as read it. 

Neil Shubin takes the basics of palentology and fossils, fits it within the framework of evolution, and demonstrates how our bodies have structures directly derived from the evolution of life on this planet. Detailing specific structures in the body, he focuses in on how they came about and the probable derivations of these body parts such as the wrist, the structure of the ear, and the muscles of the throat and eyes. It's more than fascinating, it's an easy read, and it's thought-provoking while being backed up with the history of these discoveries. Love it and highly recommend it. Now I want to find something super cool to send to Huinare to thank her for recommending such an amazing book!

I missed some birthdays over the weekend and on Monday. I'll try
to get caught up today. Bad me!!!

It's a Tuesday, and a busy, busy day, so I'll sign off here. I've missed some birthdays over the past two days of hectic life, so I'll post some belated birthday wishes later on. I don't want to forget people even though I'm drowning in work right now. Have a wonderful day of joy and I'll be back tomorrow, and check out that book - it's a great read!

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