Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Legends - General Mills Comes Through!

Today will be horrifically busy, but if I can stick to my schedule, I'll get a lot done. The wallpaper install has been set for 7:00 am next Tuesday, so I'll start pulling down artwork and shelving today to get the hallway and living room prepped. It's a big job, but destruction is always faster than construction, and I'll be taking lots of pictures and measurements because I need to replace everything the way it had been (or as close as possible). There are a few things I'll need DH for, but he can help me on Sunday after the ACC Show.

Greg Louganis had an amazing career with gold medals in both
springboard and platform diving in the 1984 and 1988 Olympics. He
came out publicly as a gay man in 1995 after being diagnosed
as HIV-positive. 

I also have to drop some information by my accountant, I want to get to the hospital to visit Mattie since I haven't been there since Sunday, and I have an exchange to make at Target and grocery shopping to do. No grass growing under my feet today, for sure!

Janet Evans was one of the best long-distance
swimmers the US ever fielded in the Olympics.
She won her medals in 1988 and 1992. 

So, I'm making this short and sweet. Today is the anniversary of the first modern day Olympics, so I'm celebrating by depicting three athletes in my photos. The top photo, Greg Louganis, is posted for a celebration because I just love this guy. Greg is finally getting his well-deserved acknowledgement as a superb athlete on the front of a Wheaties box. Whoot! Whoot! His status as a gay man had pulled him from consideration during the height of his career. Here's a short article about that as well as the announcement of the other two athletes in the "Legends" series who will be featured - Edwin Moses and Janet Evans - the other two pictures in today's blog post. I'm thrilled and delighted that he'll have his moment in the sun and will be sharing that spotlight with two other athletes of such skill. I'm already starting to get excited about the Rio Olympics later this summer!

Edwin Moses was tearing up the track in the hurdles in
the late 70's to mid-1980's. 

I'm delighted that General Mills, a Minnesota company, has stepped up to the plate and is acknowledging these three athletes as legends of the Olympics. Here's hoping all of you have a wonderful Wednesday. I've got to get my act in gear and hit the pool. Enjoy your day!

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