Friday, April 1, 2016

April Memories

It's a new month, and some things end while others begin. One of my favorite daily visit sites is calling it quits after more than four years. I've probably clicked to visit every day for most of  those four years, have survived their move to a different hosting platform as well as a change of daily hosts, and it will be a sad thing to open my email in-box on Monday and not see it listed. A lot of memories there.

I'm going to miss COP, it was one of my daily
visits for years and I really enjoyed it. But, all
things must come to an end. 

I'll have a new alarm system at my home. Our house system has been on the dying side for the past four months and finally died completely early Wednesday morning. Our company will be out early this morning to upgrade us to the newest version and install all sorts of new things. It'll be nice to have a functional security alarm again, and it spurred DH into doing some serious cleaning of the den yesterday, so all is good!

The old panels will now be bright, clean, and
functional. What could be bad about that? Yippee! 

March and April always bring my parents to mind. March was the month of my father's birth, April is the month of my mother's. Of course, they are long dead now, but they still live on in my memories and I was/am very fortunate that my inheritance after Mom died is still managing to help me out and still pays for things like my monthly car payment. A lot of very careful investing there and I'm stretching it out to the max.

I'm very fond of lilacs, so I'm looking forward to their
wonderful, colorful perfumed blossoms. 

As one of my readers noted yesterday, April is the cruelest month. Although the quote is from T.S. Eliot, it has basis in reality. March and April were hunger months. The winter stores of food were becoming exhausted, but the new growth hadn't come in yet. The promise of food was there, but the reality wouldn't really hit until late in the month, or even into May. This was the time when the weak would die while watching the world come to life around them. Cruel indeed.

So as I head off to the pool today, having not lost (or gained) a single pound for the entire month of March (that's me sighing a frustrated sigh), I'm hoping that April ends with the same light of promise that it is beginning with. It's going to be a very busy month for me. Have a wonderful Friday!

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