Monday, March 7, 2016

It Was A Lazy Day ... Well, Not Really

It was a lazy day. Well, I can't really say that if I'm truthful because I cleaned house for more than three hours, but we didn't go anywhere and we didn't do much more than watch movies after I was done with the vacuuming and dusting. So I guess I worked hard and then I relaxed and all was good.

I'm not as fond of my vacuum as this
1950's housewife is. The apron is a nice
touch, though. 

I've already finished and posted my first two B2MeM stories and my third is almost ready. Since I'd like to go through the alphabet on this, (I'll see how I actually do), I have quite a lot still left to write. I'm trying to make the format the same for each story, but I'm not backing myself into a corner either. That's when writing changes from enjoyable to a chore for me and that's when I set it aside.

Personally, I'm a fan of my laminate and my swiffer. 

So today I'll hit the water and try to get off the two pounds I allowed myself to gain yesterday. It was worth it, but it can't be a permanent resident. OMG! What a boring blog today! I'll rescue it with some photos. Have a wonderful Monday, enjoy the start to your week!

Nancy Regan earned my begrudging respect for her actions
and obvious devotion shown during Ronald Regan's funeral. 

Oh, just read that Nancy Regan died yesterday from congestive heart failure at age 94. She survived Ronald Regan by twelve years. I'm not specifically a Regan fan, but she was a devoted wife to him and I loved to hate her while they were in the White House. They were truly devoted to each other, though, and she earned my respect for that, at least.

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