Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter

Many of my friends, personal and cyber, celebrate Easter as one of their major holidays. I'll be spending a relaxing day with DH, my computer, and probably the vacuum. Not a bad way to spend the day.

Happy Easter to my Christian friends. 

It's a joy-filled day for my Christian friends because it's the day that fulfills the sorrow and promise of Good Friday. The depths of sorrow that Good Friday plunges the believer into is only matched by the joy-filled heights that the news of Christ's rising brings in return. I've heard it said that the despair is matched by the salvation of the resurrection. I hope, for those of my friends celebrating this holiday, that the Joy infuses your life.

These look so good. My candy won't be this fancy, but it will
be nice to share a day off with DH. Maybe I'll even get started
on my next chapter for B2MeM. I'm running out of month and
still have 10 letters remaining. 

I'll be celebrating in a more mundane way - chocolate and good food. That works for me :-) Happy Easter, Happy Weekend, happy friends and family. What's not to like?

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