Friday, January 22, 2016

Life Continues and Coffee Ice Cream

Yesterday was slow at the shop (not good) so I hunted down my muses, dragged them from their hidden cave, and actually had time to write (very good). Today I'll try to make time to read what I wrote and begin the editing/revision portion of the story, but I'm pleased that I at least got this far. Now to make sure everything make sense.

I edit on screen now, but remember the days of using
a red and blue pencil and editing marks. I'm rather happy
about the ability to do tracked corrections in MSWord, though.
Much easier and faster. 

I'm trying to entice my muses to stick around for a while with bribes of caffeine and ice cream. Will the bribes work? Hard to say, but worth a try. The combo would certainly work for me. In fact, coffee bean ice cream would be just about heaven for me. Maybe I should hunt some up over the weekend.

Black coffee ice cream - YUMMY! I want some! 

Life keeps plodding along. The cold spell has left us and we're above zero. Our winter weather has moved along to the East Coast. When added to the storm coming in there from the ocean side, it looks like the East is going to be socked in by a serious mess. Here's hoping all of my friends from the affected areas get through this OK and that Esteliel, flying in from Germany for a few days of Broadway shows, doesn't get too much wrecked on her trip. I'm hoping the cabs still drive and the shows that she plans on attending are still being held.

DH was trying to rough out a shape similar to this using his trim saw.
He hasn't used the equipment before, and wasn't happy to discover
its limitations. He'll survive. He needs to find out the ins and outs of
using his new toy and the piece he is cutting from only cost him $1 so
he can ruin it if he wants to. 

Other than that, today is probably boring. That's really not a bad thing - these are the days that allow me to think, plot, plan, design, and move forward in projects for the shop as well as personal ones. DH spent yesterday afternoon trying out his new trim saw on a slab of stone. It actually did well, but he wasn't really happy with it. He'll get used to it and then he'll be off playing and having a great time. I have confidence.

I swim in a small, 25-yard lap pool with five lanes (a bit narrower than
this pool). I like it, though. It works well for me. I wish we had a few
more lanes, it can get crowded in the early morning, but it's a friendly
group of people and we have all become friends. 

Have a wonderful Friday and end your work week in style. As usual, I'll be starting my day out at the pool - no better way to start a perfect day. Enjoy!

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