Thursday, December 10, 2015

Staying On Top Of Things

Yesterday was a VERY productive day for my holiday cards and I'm so much closer to getting these addressed and into the mail. DH sighed and asked "Didn't you start your cards earlier this year?" shaking his head when I acknowledged that, but also told him that this year's card was the most complex one I've ever done. But it is as it is, and I do see a finish line ahead. Of course, the days just keep coming, so I have to stay on top of it.

While looking for a graphic for "staying on top of things", I came
across this laptop with a rainbow keyboard and fell in love. I had
to share it. I think I want one of these ... just saying ... LOL. 

I received a totally fantastic card yesterday from Shruti, my dear friend who lives in India. As always, I am totally in awe at her artistry. I usually save cards and scan them in a group to post after the holidays, and I guarantee hers will be one I will share with all of my readers. Such an amazing artist, such a wonderful friend, and one of the best roommates I've ever had at shows and workshops.

The only way to accomplish larger tasks is to stop putting them
off and just dive in. It won't be completed overnight, but you'll
get a good start. Return to the task again the next day, and the
next. You'll finish it eventually and be amazed at your success. 

We have another warm day today, although probably with rain in the morning. DH will be working on the second shelving unit he has planned. This one will be shorter (and certainly lighter), but it won't surprise me to arrive home in the dark tonight to a garage that's still full of in-progress work. Hopefully that won't be the case since I really prefer to get home, put my laptop away, and make my dinner.

I do find the strangest photos. The mushroom placement on this bicycle
had me chuckling at 4:20 am! Good grief! Here's hoping you
get a smile from this photo also. If so, my job here is done! 

So I'm off to the gym because two days off in a row is just not permissible for me. I was shopping at Target yesterday and treated myself to a new pair of pants and two tops (sale prices were SO good!). I took a chance and went down another size and was a little bit shocked when I tried them on and they fit! I was totally doing the happy dance - LOL. Here's hoping you have a wonderful Thursday and that your preparations for the upcoming holiday are also running smoothly.

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