Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Running With Scissors

DH has been trying to get me organized so that my crafting and art stuff isn't strewn throughout the den, the computer room, and the craft room. I admit (hanging my head in semi-shame) that I have a lot of it. I also admit that I don't use parts of it very often any more. But I also know that I'm a multi-media artist who uses multiple techniques to make those things that I do. I'm always striving for the next project.

This is what DH built yesterday. It's very tall, almost to
the ceiling, and it will have adjustable shelving on the
right side, fixed shelving on the left. He put one of my
four-drawer units into it to make sure he had measured
properly. Pegboard is on the back to increase usefulness. 

Nonetheless, in our unexpected "warm snap" of high temps in the early-mid 40's F (4.4 C - 7.2 C), we're taking advantage of the garage. Yesterday was DH's day off and he spent the day making a shelving/storage unit for me which will hold bins of my supplies as well as two of my four-drawer storage units. When I arrived home from work last night at around 6:30 pm, he still was working on it.

Earlier this year, a month or two ago, he made this unit for my bins.
These hold a variety of supplies such as my stamping supplies for
my holiday cards, sketch pads, and lots of beading supplies. 

I put my things away and came out to help him. We were busy with it until almost 9:00 pm, finally maneuvering it downstairs (not a very easy move at all) and settling down to a very late meal of Thai egg rolls and chicken pad Thai. (spelling optional ... ) I didn't even get to bed until almost 10:00 pm.

So here I am, at 5:45 am, when I should be wrapping up laps 25-30 in the pool. Instead I allowed myself to sleep until 4:30 am and I skipped the gym for the first time all year (except my two bouts with the flu early this past year). One day off won't be the end of my world, and I desperately needed the sleep. I'll be working in the garage myself today, working with very smelly chemicals on one aspect of my holiday cards (I'm averse to using them inside at the house or at the shop).

Remember I mentioned cigar boxes yesterday? Here is my large pile of
cigar boxes waiting to be used. I also have a few in a different space, and I
also use them to travel with - handy things that they are. They need a good
home so that I can actually access and use the beads that are currently blocked
by the boxes. 

So here are pics for you of things DH has built to help organize me (as well as my large pile of cigar boxes). I can hardly wait until after the holidays when I can really get things put away properly, labelled, and cleared up. I'll be running with scissors then! Have a great Wednesday!

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